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Behind the scenes of the Nets who rob Durant and Irving


Sean-Max has a deluxe office that is properly installed in the Nets Training Center, located on the eighth floor of a high coastal building near the Brooklyn Sun Park. Max, nice to the 43-year-old general manager Nets, New Zealanders who played in the NBA 11 seasons and won the pre-retirement ring from management, was not so fond of. Layout. It is assumed that the office is too remote and isolated, and does not lead to teamwork. Most of the day he will walk down the hallway to the "battle command room", which is a simple, four-sided glass space in the middle of the learning hall. Data analysts and scouts here speak and laugh, and coaches will suddenly emerge. This is an open venue for team members. If you have the idea that the team will make progress, Max will be ready to listen.

In the afternoon of June 30, Max and his colleagues gathered in the room for the battalion when the free market opened. The team has confidence in the two biggest players on the free market: Kevin Durant and Carey Irvine. "We are looking forward to nervousness," said Max. The first report came before 5 pm: (Durant and Irving) Both planned to sign with Netsa. An hour later, at the Instagram edition, which confirmed Durant's intentions, Max did not quite believe that Durant was coming. "It has a big impact on everyone," said Max. That night, Irvine arrived as planned. He looked through the city through the window, opened his hands and enjoyed the moment. He talked about how long he waited for this moment, and he talked about going home. The next day is the official announcement: he will come.

In February 2016, Netsi hired Max, then the Deputy Director General of San Antonio, to lead one of the most difficult tasks in the NBA. The deal with Boston in 2013 brought Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn. Netsi soon fell to the bottom, winning only 20 matches in the debut season of Max – and they could not even choose a lottery because Celtic kept them in their hands until the first round of 2018. At that time, they were basketball deserts and wanted to take part of Nick's big fans and ask free agents to see them as the second choice in New York. Today, Nets have two players Nick has always dreamed of, and without disputes have become the best team in New York. In the spring of 2021, when Durant returned from injury to the Achilles tendon, which allowed him to return to the next season, Netsi will have the chance to compete for the championship.

Brooklyn Nets presents Dangilo-Russella and Timofey-Mozgov at a press conference
Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE via Getty Images

Preliminary Notice: The location is crucial for the network to run this rope off-season. Durant was connected to Nick for months. Successful participation in the three-year Triple Championship Warriors is two, and the league generally believes that Durant wants something different. Regardless of the bad things of the team, Nick can offer a 30-year player an opportunity to become the face of one of the most watched teams in the league. In New York, he gave Durant more deadlines for managing Thirty Five Ventures, a company and entertainment that was founded in Manhattan and was founded by himself and his business director Rich Kleiman. Irving, who grew up on the streets of New Jersey, finally finished two chaotic seasons in Boston and showed great interest in playing closer to home.

Max now acknowledges Nets' ability to change one of the most anticipated free markets in the history of the NBA, his long-standing desire. "For years, we are planning a space on the open market," he said. "I feel that before you, when there is a window or an opportunity that we can get, take the opportunity, take the challenge, and then you can fight with like-minded people, and that's when you shoot.

He understands the undeniable attraction of the city, but the team must have some temptations. The rotting happened slowly – it was not only because the Nets did not have their first lap. In 2017, Max and Lakers signed a contract and received a junk contract from the center of Timofey Mozgov to get defense counsel Dangel Russell, the former invincible line will be Nets from 2014. The first star. (Russell was part of an arrangement that led Durant to bring Brooklyn to Brooklyn last week.) He also traded with the wizard, followed by Andrew Nicholson, in return for becoming a team. The first round of the Jarrett Allen center.

The development of players has become a top priority. In April 2016, Max hired Eagle's Assistant Coach Kenny Atkinson, who earned the reputation of one of the best NBA Coach Developers. Max also invested in the data analysis department. He grew up in a sports performance team and looked for talents from other areas: Zach Weatherford, the head of the player's performance, from the US Naval Special Force, where he trained the naval SEAL, Dan Meehan, Power and Fitness Coach, Same place in the Australian football team in Melbourne .

"This is the most accurate training team I ever had," said Jared Dudley, who played for Nets last season, the sixth NBA team he played. Each muscle of the player is checked regularly. Catapult, GPS technology, used to track movement of players, helps in managing the load. "They have so many different ideas," said De Mare Carroll, who has played for Brooklyn in the last two seasons and is a veteran who has played for seven teams. "Something in the NBA is bothering you with some traditional staff."

The culture of the team is also a new focus. Max played for two seasons as a marginal player in San Antonio. But his treatment is the same as Tim Duncan. Spurs's family atmosphere resonated with Max. For example, how were his wife Jennifer and his children treated. So he decided to bring this culture to Brooklyn. So the wife of the newly-added player will get a bouquet and the child will get some Nets costumes. When Dudley signed a contract with Lakers last week, his wife received the card and thanked her for her contribution as part of the team. Dudley said: "The way they treat my family – no team can look back."

Nevertheless, it is still necessary to leave the results to speak. This feeling of good atmosphere was endangered in eight games that were lost last autumn. Atkinson's safe, infiltrated security reports in the wardrobe. Defender Karis Lewell, a star on the rise, can not return because of an ankle injury by the middle of the season. Players want to know: Nets have their own drafts, will they hand this season to the defunct? Atkinson invited three team veterans – Dudley, Carol and Ed Davis to open the meeting. He transferred to the veteran: I still run the team. We will not hang out. They replied: Do not sacrifice your developmental record and let the players play the best of themselves. Atkinson also agreed with their views. There is a video analysis meeting where participants only participate. False behavior has been criticized, a stern posture, a poor body language, and frustration have been exposed. "Video analysis," said Dudley, "is the best solution for us." After the conference, they won seven consecutive wins and entered the finals as seed no.

Eight weeks later, Brooklyn sent Allen Crabbe to Atlanta to clear up two top-notch spaces. Everything is ready and this message is finally ready for sending: If you are an elite free agent, bring a friend to Brooklyn.

For several months, Irving and Durant dream of Nets. Netsi saw a lot of Irving's dissatisfaction with Boston. As everyone knows, Irving told fans before the start of the season to renew his contract this summer. However, the expected performance of the team and the cool relationship between him and his colleagues led by the coach, Irvinga reconsidered his decision in the middle of the season. Brooklyn's watch for Spencer Dinwidy is a close friend of Irving and maintains close ties with her. "We all know Spencer communicates with him," he showed the source of direct knowledge of Nets to Sports Magazine. "The coaching staff knows that. The leadership knows that. They do not always ask him," What will happen? "But everyone knows how it is related to it." At the end of the season, Netsi immediately became the favorite. The fate of two sources of knowledge about Irving's minds was revealed to Sports Magazine.

Durant's decision lasted longer. He also competed with Nick, but he was far from being reported to be one step away. The same goes for Warriors, who can offer a five-year contract, $ 221 million – an additional year and $ 57 million from Brooklyn. What Durant wants is really simple. Good team. A strong environment that supports players. Networks meet all of its needs. Durant's decision was never directly related to Irving, but he would certainly like to play with his friends.

For Brooklyn Durant's damage should be taken into account. Achilles tendon tearing is one of the most serious injuries for NBA players. Max told his medical team: he carefully examined it. They watched a damaged film and studied media reports. Because Durant is still in a contract with Golden State, Nets can not understand the details of the injury. Any contract that they issued essentially means that after signing Durant, 32-year-old Durant will again go to court. The day before the opening of the free market, Max summoned all members of the medical team and asked them to raise their hands: Who is willing to pay the highest salary? They all raised their hand.

"It's a very moving scene," said Max. "When you know that a group of young men and women is talking about this, damn it, we can not wait to accept this challenge. We can not wait for (Durant) to return to the stadium at no cost, and perhaps prove that the views of people are wrong. "Yes, it's a feeling I'm worried. Kenny (Atkinson) and I talked a lot about it, the players are the same, but I think that the entire management wants to prove something. Very important.

In 2013, a large city team carried out a sensational contract. Two All-Star players joined the national team. I'm looking forward to the rise of water. The sports magazine put five starters and coaches on the lid. The title reads: Who is fighting? This team is Nets. Time is running, the answer is revealed, everyone can.

It's easy to see paper strength. The risk of signing this contract is not just Durant's health. What kind of cabinet atmosphere will Erwin build before Durant returns to the wardrobe? Networks – only for the following year – are basically a weakened version of Boston, a youth army led by a coach who sees routine as an opportunity for growth and progress. Irving sees a regular season as a six-month commitment that needs to be completed before the ending. Atkinson is a better coach than Celtic's head coach Brad Stevens. "I can expect them to have a little friction," said Dudley. "Atkinson will take responsibility, but he is a coach who serves the players. He will have some tension with you, but he will take you to a meeting, watch a video with you, and I will ask you what he can do to make you better.

For Max, the potential reward is worth his risk. "Every time you get this talent, you should probably take the opportunity to let go," said Max. "Especially those who are interested in this place, especially for them." Teams on the other side of the river have now attacked Nick's back. Neighbors without threats, Nets became a popular destination in New York. For Durant, Irvine and Brooklyn, this is a new beginning.

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