Friday , October 22 2021

The Fairy Tale of the End of the Memoranda – Newsbeast


"Fairytales of government officials" marked the end of the memorandum, the secretary general of the KKE KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, who speaks tonight at the Chania and Rethymno events.

Mr Koutsoumpas argued, inter alia: "They are trying to cultivate the expectations that the next day will be different for workers, people from the popular layers. Only the future government program includes what the previous one has. The hundreds of implementing laws of the memorandums remain unchanged, the anti-dumping structure, of course built by ND and PASOK, but SYRIZA has done. And along with all this includes all the commitments that the government has accepted, the covenants – the loop on the throat of people. "

In his speech, he also argued that, according to the Athens Press Agency, the targets for primary surpluses by 2060 are as follows: "These commitments will be implemented – and there is no other opinion from the government on the part of its partners." On the contrary, they all praise it. its determination to carry out all the necessary measures to support the capital it has agreed upon. The ND, of course, will do so and emphasize that "the state continues to" calm the EU and IMF staff and capital in our country ".

Mr Koutsoumpas of Chania argued that the government supported capitalist profitability and, as he pointed out, "the support of capitalist profitability is incompatible, not by a satisfactory increase in wages, by the re-establishment of collective agreements, nor, naturally, by returning workers to their rights that have encountered On the contrary: capitalists must invest their capital, retain everything that is, salaries and insurance rights and heads are broken. "

At the same time, he accused the government of his policy and said that "the SYRIZA-ANEL government did not ruin capital".

In his speech, Koutsoubas also claimed that the government "adopted the Bruges law, which is now called the Bruckis-Achitsoglu law, for the minimum wage, which abolishes the negotiations and increases every ministerial decision".

At the same time, he talked about the alleged restoration of collective agreements and, as he said, "the next day is for people, it is the same as the previous one." With wages at the level of poverty, pensions are continually threatened by further reductions. The auctions have the shape of a snowball and the removal of the last protective veil. was the law of Katseli. And this will not change, anyone on the bourgeois government table, SYRIZA or ND. "

Chania is Yen. Secretary of the KKE, once again urged NATO to leave the country and shut down foreign bases, while specifically referring to the Soude base, described it as the basis of death.

He said that "the operation of the Souda database has been revealing the lies of Southwestern and PASOK governments for years now being ruled by SIRIZA-ANEL: how are foreign bases supposed to be a guarantee of security for our people, peace in the region."

At the same time, he was referring to Soude's activity from 2016 onwards, stating that "in particular in the SYRIZA-ANEL government, the US presence in Souda surpassed every past".

He also stood in the Center for Maritime Prevention and at the end of his speech he invited citizens to join KKE.

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