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Teaching and Madness – P. Diamantopoulos


Martins is entitled to relief, but also because of difficulties. Some did not do as the coach wanted. Some others have done extraordinary effort. The stage was terrible and terrible for the goals did not make the team. Buchalakis had a lightning and Kamaras was "full" that he found in the opponent. He wants more imagination, he wants to create, and especially when he finds open playgrounds, they can work together, only the things that will bring time and training.


On July 23, it is also unfair that you have sharp demands from a team that knows that it has to go through, and has an accident to catch it with injuries. At the time of the 44th minute of the game, the ball from the bottom of the evil-in the first part-Gilliere goes to the bar, a sign of fate of smile at Olympiacos. The ball could go anywhere, but preferred to rest in its embrace. The three Plzen players were ready for one of the easiest goals in their career.

The first part was unusual for the locals, convenient for guests. Olympiacos, due to Copa Africa, which was found without Meria and Cisse, suddenly lost to the 20s and Abraham. In fact, Bay entered the game and did not give me more confidence than his Greek counterpart, but I think he was very much in the game's needs and came out without heat. Want a youth? Passion? The challenge to see? It was a pleasure for the young man to enter the game and even at a time when the Czechs tried to push.


The problem of Olympiakos was simple. Defense with Buchalakis played the ball and there. The only threat to the opposite defense was Podehenes and no one else. Valbuenas is confused, Massouras is away from stages (not necessarily his own responsibility) and Guerrero tries to find the ball in the back of Plzen's central defenders. This was not an opponent of Olympiakos, who was a fool, and I personally expected this. So I made it clear that any blockage will fail. Enter all this and that we are in late July. For both teams Olympiacos must now learn to qualify for absence from work in basic form. A good bullfighter, the main striker, and of course he has to learn to play without Forton.

The first … Martins' position in the second part was Gilliere's uphill. And find places to move an intermediate arm. The image of the team clearly changed for the better when Kamaras entered. Giulierme was breathing, and Buchalakis calmed down. Maybe 4-3-3 did not work well in preparation for Martins (because you simply did not imagine what would happen to Fortune), but I think that this system can do things to him. As I am convinced at the very first moment, Rangelovich will offer Piraeus. Therefore, I thought that the "lending" that was heard of a young Serb was unacceptable. And with "if" there is not a discussion about the ball, but I will write it: When Rangelovich entered the game, he went to … chew all Victoria. And I would do that if I did not cut him off … Cimika (!), Who was in front of him, while his teammate passed two Czechs and prepared for the "emptying" of the other two.


The Chekhov coach described the Olympic level in Rosenborg and Copenhagen. He will have the opportunity to get to Karaiskakis and then see what Scandinavia looks like in Greece! Finally, the tuna should remain low. The first official 90 minutes was no more. The forced change of Papadopoulos, on the one hand, enabled him to get his performances and help his team, but on the other hand deprived him of "red eyes" for quicker intervention moves from the bench.

Plzen is not a fool, I wrote it at the beginning of the text. A good Olympiacos in front of his world must pass. The balance is still being sought. Logic … Semedo, who is in charge of defense, was the last to prepare. The absence of Fortune (for a long time) changes the recordings and formations. El Arab is devoted to the basic form. There are others who force those who see and belong, maintain peace and patience.

Simply, time is unhealthy, obligations that are not respected, do not wait for the evaluation of groups (all). That's why two or three progressive moves are needed this time, the work is over, and then everything will be better and more peaceful. Football too. Olympiacos must go to the next stage in order to secure the European League. And in the end, we are not dealing with competitions. It's also a matter of prestige. 0-0 is a terrific result. Karaiskaki is also expected to reach Olympiacos, but will not eat. In 24 hours we say …

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