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Sin Son: "I want to learn my language at schools" LIFE


Son Boy is one of the most talked-about names on the music scene, with the same name as "Kangur"!


Singer Sin Boy, who recently became famous, received his platinum digital single for "Mom" and spoke about "Summer #not". In fact, he refers to the "kangaroo" and reveals his next goal, which is nothing but becoming a world number one!

"I am a kangaroo, I have nothing to do with a fashion icon, I can not say anything: I combine the expensive clothes with some people, I have a set that is made of lace and the top is thousands. I am just a kangaroo, I do what every kangaroo would do. it means that if the kangaroo tomorrow does his job, he will do what I do, and of course I expect the success of my mother, and I expect that I will soon do much more success. The next goal is to become a global number, not only in Greece and Europe. I danced with the Greek language everywhere. I want the language of the son boy to be a universal language. If she finds her in schools, she will look for me, "she said.

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