Sasha Basta and pregnant and married


She was pregnant and almost born almost!

However, her pregnancy also became known! The reason for Sašo Basto, who is waiting for the first fruit of his love from his partner, Dimitris.

She said she was pregnant for seven months and was born in January, speaks at a radio station in Cyprus.

"I am pregnant I do not know where it comes from All right, everything is fine This is a miracle In January I will bring in I am seven months old I am very worried Diet, gym For no reason For my health and baby When you get a lot of pounds, it will not be good for a child or a mother, "he said!

Discovered and married!

We did not "digest" that she was pregnant and her law was added!

The reason for Sasha Basto, who was pregnant herself in a few hours after revealing her, was on the "Breakfast" platform.

The singer spoke not only about pregnancy, but also about her … husband, Dimitris, as she told Faino Skordi, she married – and twice.

"We are duplicates! I am pregnant for seven months," he admitted to revealing her child.

"It was done, nobody got it. I think that if you want to keep something for yourself, it is. They saw me outside, but they did not know that. […] Since I worked a lot, I stopped now, I read "pregnant" every day and now that nobody has gotten me, "she said and continued," I wanted to take the time for me. Be calm all this. Do not look at your belly and say if I'm frozen … Of course, even now I have a belly, obliquely, it's even more weird. "

As for her partner, she said: "In the past, they wrote things and made them bigger than usual … I've been with him for a long time. When they asked me if I was free, I said I was OK. I decided to keep it for the lights, which it is more correct, and he does not want it, this is not his job, why put him in this process? I am not hidden, I did not want to drag. Who is what he is doing, etc. Now that we have done the above step, I can go out and say. "

Then he revealed that they were married to Abu Dhabi – a law not applicable to Greece – and later married in our country!

"We married in Abu Dhabi a few months ago. Of course, he did not catch him in Greece. This was done by the end of the summer, in a quick, "We usually married in Athens, a religious wedding will take place over the years, but we had to be married to a child, Eirinaki is coming, and we had to be married on paper and everyone." Peace is called my mother-in-law, a little girl named Irene Alexandra. Thirsty, Dimitris forty. I think it's the right age. "

"We were very good friends. After a certain time, the right time came and I came out as I should." "I'm fine." He is the best person I've ever met in my life. "If a child did not do this, he would have been the greatest the mistake I made in my life. This man is born as a father and husband, "he said.


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