Rumors about leaving the hair


At the same time, when the SKAI Group is preparing its 24-hour press channel, they talk about reimbursements and withdrawals from the Faliro television station, some of which are particularly important.

One of the returns that is being talked about is Konstantin Bogdanou, who has already appeared at the station as guest in the morning news program "Today" and wants to return the information to the channel Faliro.

However, the initial retirement has started and is being discussed recently, it does not differ from that big channel name, the head of the main newsletter, Sia Kosyni.

According to Tina Messaropoulou, an ankorkman does not survive the best days at the station. One of the reasons is that there are problems that exist in her relations with the station's chief directors, who are said to be in serious crisis.

The other reason is the newsletter newsletter that "low flying" and failed to get head, most of the time watching the "back" Mare Zaharhea and the central newspaper Star, which is simultaneously playing.

There are also some who closely associate the coming return of Constantine Bogdanos with the possible departure of Si Koissi, although it would be difficult for a well-known journalist to receive a press release, not least because his stubborn speech and impulsive nature would be self-evident if he lost it.

In any case, everything will be seen by Christmas, so they will still be redone and removed, since SKAI 24 will also start. In this case, SKAI 24 will also start.

Even if she leaves SKAI, she will definitely leave, but she will not move to SKAI's "brother".

There is also another license for the panel channel that has recently been requested, so the templates will not be missed …


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