Saturday , September 21 2019
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Olympiakos – Olympiakos Basketball – Olympiakos


Jazz decided to activate the proper term in the Nietzsche Williams-Gos contract. The US guard will sign a three-year contract and Olympiacos will win, with 750,000 euros to be awarded for the new season, with a further 650,000 euros from the NBA.

The above evolution changes many things in the design of Olympiacos. It is anticipated that the "red and white" will shift to a high level of protection and … kashe, especially if the move of Vangelis Mantzaris to Unice will also be completed, which will also release the OEM from a very large contract (or at least a very large part ).

At the same time, this development can also influence Nikola Milutin's example. Olympiacos can cover part of the Serbian center and prevent its complaints from appearing. The issue of the 24-year-old remains open, as CSKA is unlikely to return with a new proposal and if it will reach 2 million euros, sales might be possible.

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