My husband agreed to open the accounts without reservation


When a foreign account was opened, one year earlier, an "irrevocable and unconditional statement" was adopted Giannos Papantoniou and his wife, as the former imprisoned ex-minister in his statement today.

As he said in his statement on the recent responses to press releases to foreign affiliates, both he and his wife fully cooperated with the investigating authorities.

"We have not only raised objections to the process of objection, nor did we try to prevent the progress of the questioning, but on the contrary, with great willingness and full spirit of cooperation, we did our best to help uninterrupted completion. we justify our obstacle as a justification for our personal detention, "says the former minister's statement.

Giannos Papantoniou's full statement

"From the recent press coverage of my overseas accounts, I have clarified the following:

From the moment I first appeared to my husband for the first time detective For more than a year now, for corruption, I have declared that I would like to contribute without reservation to accelerate my request by the Greek investigating authorities to apply for justice in Switzerland so that my account can be sent to the Swiss banks.

For this reason, I and my husband have signed an irrevocable and unconditional statement to the investigating authorities, in which we agree to immediately open the accounts at any point in the world. This statement was sent to the Swiss authorities. Shortly thereafter, and as investigators supported our lawyer, Charalambakis complains that the delay in duplicating the Swiss accounts, Mr Charalambakis, with our Swiss lawyer Saal, handed over to the Greek investigating authorities in Switzerland a full copy of the bank accounts in order to speed up bank accounts. read and analyze them until the official copies come. A few years later, the investigating authorities confirmed the receipt of official copies without further comment.

Recently, before apologizing to the Corruption Researchers, and as long as my long apology ended and my husband Rolas apologized, the investigators showed us a document about the Berne prosecutor's office in May or June 2018, which clarified that in order to get the consent should have been filed by our proxy, which was not requested by the investigating authority, although our attorney was the consensus form. However, the data were officially sent by the Swiss authorities. However, the fact that, despite the fact that the Greek investigating authorities have been in the hands of the Berne prosecutor's office for months have not been informed of this bureaucratic issue to dissolve it immediately, our lawyers' relations with the investigating authorities were frequent and always expressed our commitment to the greatest cooperation Who.

It follows from the above that we did not object to the process not only at any stage of the process and did not try to prevent the progression of interrogation, but with the great willingness and the absolute spirit of cooperation, we did everything in order to help uninterrupted completion. It is therefore at least false and unfair to assume that our slogan as a cause justifies our personal reservations. "


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