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And the pigs in this year's Volley League are continuing. In Hermoupolis in Syros for the 6th match, Phoenix and PAOK, we again offered a rich show and a lot of feelings. They were 2-0 in front of Thessaloniki, which means they could easily score three points, but … the pirates had a contrary opinion. With a long-lasting counter-attack, they managed to achieve a magic reversal and overcome with 3-2 (15-25, 19-25, 25-19, 28-26, 15-12).

Victory, which initially leads to 7 points (PAOK has 8), but most importantly, it raises their psychology, because they need it for the rest. On the other hand, the last year's winners of the Cup in the first two sets started impressively with the best appearance, but after the "crotch" and not only that they had the right to believe in victory for their opponents, but also lost a game that was particularly psychological part of what It's worse.

The Soluns demand arbitration

PAOK calls for arbitration, and specifically for phase 23-23, when it seemed that it was eliminated was excluded when the judges issued blockades without consulting the video challenge. So, instead of doing this 23-24, it was 24-23, with a set end at 28, which means that there were still 7 points.

The Ottomans won, because they played in a terrible way by cutting their unbeaten opponents, who, however, after being blocked by the Champions League clubs, did not want anything other than winning and good looks, but this did not happen.

The great start of PAOK

And yet, at the beginning of the presentation, no follow-up was shown to us, as PAOK came into fear and played the best volley since the beginning of the first two sets of comfort with comfort. With Judith unstoppable, and the host who worked well for the first time this year, did not face the slightest problem at 0-2.

Incredible reaction from Phoenix

But when Finikas ended up, the pirates increased their performance, exploited the fatigue of the opponents, as well as the moves that Stanko did not do, as well as reduced comfort. So, everything was rated in the fourth series. Where the Thessalonians clearly showed their upper hands, as they were before 10-15, most people believe that it was a matter of time in 1-3.

And yet, the hosts with an incredible soul achieved terrible overthrow. With Dokkas … shooting with everywhere, Evander's invincible and Papadopoulos very positive, he cut the gap for 2-2 at the end of Evander's draw. With the psychology for them, the "pirates" did not lose the match and they were better at tai brace on 3-2, although the guests fell from 12-7 to 12-10.

The best goalkeeper for the winners was Dokic, who had 26 points, followed by an extraordinary Evander with 24 points. For the defeated Gorkiianuk there were 19, Judika was 16, and Okolich was 14.

Judges: Honopa, Gerotodoros.

* Phoenix points came: 7 Aces, 63 attacks, 7 blocks, 25 errors, and PAOK: 5 Aces, 52 attacks, 10 blocks, 40 Opponents mistakes.

Sets: 3-2 (15-25, 19-25, 25-19, 28-26, 15-12) at 136

AO PHILIKAS SYROS (Pavlijević): Widow 4 (3/7 seconds, 1 ac), Filter 6 (4/6 seconds, 2 blocks), Evander 24 (18/35 el., 5 aces, 1 block, 46%, Leckoff 3 (1/1 el. , 2 blocks), Dokic 26 (23/46 el., 1 ace, 2 blocks), Papadopulos 9 (9/25 more, 47% – 24% excellent) / Veloudis (λ, 50% – 30% excellent), Achilleopoulos (λ), Adam, Voulkidis 1 (1/2 cent.), Milis.

PAOK (Stanko): Goal 14 (10/13, 1, 3 blocks), Philip 2 (1/1 over 1s), Gorksanyuk 18 (16/30, 1 ass, 1 block, 43% Jourric 16 (14/38 el., 2 blocks), Tacouridis 8 (4/7, 1 as, 3 blocks), Safano


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