Jumbo's number no. 2 saw the door to the exit


"I buy Finn games, the exact moment I give". The elderly recall this slogan of one of the most talented Greek games that grew up until Jumbo absorbed it.

It was for this company Evangelos Papaevangelou, the man who headed the case with the Chinese real estate markets, Pos National Bank and capital controls. An example for which commitments were made bank accounts he lost Jumbo's vice president and was at the center of research.

With me his extensive statement Mrs Evangelos Papaevangelos, however, referred to the question of obtaining Chinese citizens' golden visas and the participation of Destiny Investments, and said: "For twenty years, I am a dynamic participant in a Greek company and the presence of trade unions through various institutions, my entire course is known. I have always been the marker of my looking for new opportunities and never giving negative feedback on my investment decisions. In this context, there is a business opportunity in the real estate industry because prices were attractive while there were market gaps and, on the other hand, appreciated and appreciated that tourist property in the most beautiful country in the world is growing very much. "

O Evangelos Papaevangelou even though he did not want to be at the heart of the news that he found. Of course, the media can not be present and avoided the public, but the business world is neither new nor even yesterday.

She is known for her career as a game that managed to become Jumbo's "number 2" and attaches great importance to her success.

Jumbo's number no. 2 saw the door to the exit

Mr Papaevangelou told the business platform a traditional "game" that was previously identified Jumbo and Apostolos Vakakis, controlled by the theater FINO, which was excellent in its 70s and 80s and its iron or puffy toys before the market flooded China and imports.

Jumbo's No. 2 No. 2, Mr Papaevangelou, studied at the Pirej Industrial College and worked as a student at the Fino Toy Factory belonging to his uncle Christos Papaevangelos.

«Buy Fine Games, Hail I'm Offering»

The old ones will remember the company as the main slogan "I buy Fine Games, I save the minutes I give" and, of course, Papaevangelou, who went through several positions in the craft to learn the world of the game well.

Christos and Evangelos Papaevangelou from FINO were among the most famous time races and, as Vima wrote in 2009, were smartly painted with small versions of imported toys, and during 1960-1962 they became a very popular week bunny and "Train the 8" broke funds.

Jumbo's number no. 2 saw the door to the exit

Zappio with the typical image of Aegis Zappeon, fans who choose a Sunday walk, children playing and mom riding a child with a trolley are some of the typical games of society.

There were still many vehicles that spoke in the areas of Athens, on famous routes such as Athens-Thessaloniki train, Athens-Paris bus, Lux bus,

His uncle died in 1972 and left the factory for his beloved nephew. The plant was installed near the Kallithea plant on Cyprus Street, where today it is one of the Jumbo stores.

Jumbo's number no. 2 saw the door to the exit

Papaevangelos will continue for many years and will preserve it by the end of the 1980s. Then the company will enter the car Apostolos Vakakis and Evangelos Papaevangelou will go with him to the newly founded Jumbo.

Papaevangelos is developing a strong union. He was a member of the Greek toys and traders, a member of the board of directors. EBAA. (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the Hellenic Association of Retailers (SELL).

She is the father of two girls and is married to Mykoniatisa, in 2011, Mr Papaevangelou decided to divide his daughters into the total investment shares by which he shares shares from his personal share.

According to recent publications (Espresso) Evangelos Papaevangelou was a businessman who bought the villa Petros Kostopoulos and Jenis Balatsinos in Filothea. The house was auctioned in 2014, and fourteen years later a man was found who decided to buy 4.7 million euros.


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