In combination "Piraeus Winner" joins Joseph Vourakis


A municipal councilor with Yannis Moralis in the city elections in May will be the city councilor and leader of the Piraeus New Authority association, Joseph Vourakis, who will join the Piraeus Winner.

Mayor Pirej g. Yannis M. Maralis stated in the statement: "I am grateful to my friend Sifis in the combination of" Piraeus Winner ". He is a new man, professionally recognized, with a constant and intense campaign in the municipality of Piraeus. He is a man with advanced ideas who really care for the good cities, It is characteristic that even with a disagreement with the city council, this has happened with arguments and is based on a well-founded opinion that it has, which is the result of his knowledge and experience on issues that concern the city, Maralis emphasized, adding that Joseph Vourakis had already entered the political field early and continued the work of his father, the deceased Vasili Vourakis, to the community of the city. Piraeus finally emphasized: "It is important to bring together active citizens who, over their clients and customers, contribute to the vision of the" Piraeus winner "for the better Piraeus.

Joseph Vourakis said: "I believe that the next four years will be the last opportunity for our city, our Piraeus, to reestablish a city destination, a city open to entrepreneurship, open to young people, one city with infrastructure, an opportunity for everyone, a city that you will be happy to live, walk and experience your everyday life. Piraeus and Piraeus earn a lot. It is true that in four years there were times when we agreed and the times that we did not agree with the mayor, but always in our disagreements the aim was: to achieve the best for our city. The remainder is faithful to the principles and values ​​I have served for many years and realized that in order to achieve the best for Piraeus, the Force of Forces and too much collective work is needed, I accept a very honorable invitation – the challenge of Mayor Jianni Morales to his "PIRAEUS WINNER" with the goal of completing the vision and the work so far. My only commitment is to work daily for our city in order to improve the father's life, so that we can provide our children with a place that will be proud of it. "


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