Monday , January 18 2021

I’ll decide when you come!

THE Gray garlic in George Liagas, as is already known, they will meet again in Pronos after four years. In today’s show and while Litsa Patera she said the zodiac signs surprised her leader. The presenter appeared at the window, and the astrologer remained open-mouthed.

“Can I ask you a personal favor?” George Liagas asked and continued: “The day we start with Faye for breakfast, next Monday, I think we’re here on set.”

Giorgos Liagas may talk about his return on January 25, but the decision will be made by Faye Skorda, which she clearly showed in the air.

“You my Faye, all of you! I’m coming for the billboard next to the Hungarian one! My dream was to sit on a board with a Hungarian next to you.”, said George Liagas.

George Liagas intervened at breakfast for the first time

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