Thursday , June 24 2021

He had to kill AEK and Aris woke him up!

Everything went wrong and upside down for Aris yesterday, so instead of increasing the difference from AEKsto +9, he lost and returned it to the game of Europe.

Otherwise, if he won, Mantiouth’s team “locked” their exit to Europe and struggled to make it to 2nd place. Aris may, in an attempt to find excuses, rely on a non-existent penalty imposed by the referee in favor of AEK, with which “Union” had the advantage, but his performance in the first half was so poor that he lost and whether any the law got.

Aris seemed to lose them in the first 45 minutes and was a team unlike anything that won impressions this year. Without key player Bruno Game in the starting lineup – he had injury problems at the last minute – he had serious problems in the middle. AEK, who played 4-3-3, had top-notch weapons in the center. Aris fell into the trap of Jimenez, who eliminated Bertoglio, who took on the role of organizer, and disarmed Bruno and Silva, who were fighting alongside. The result;

Mancini shouldn’t have taken the balls and Aris two finals, well, Bertoglio and Silva were useless. Five minutes of 15o-20o was the only thing the Mantzi team showed in the first half to have a pulse. Without the ability to rationally “build” the game’s development from behind, he picked long balls that didn’t find a target. And when he dropped the ball, he didn’t change more than one pass as the AEK players fell on the ball faster.

And because each team has its own destiny, Aris, in addition to his bad self, had the misfortune to find a referee against him, who whistled two penalties with the smell of controversy. The first is more intense as Lopez steps out of the area and blackmails the offense by falling on Rose’s leg. As for the second, Rose falls heavily on stage, but apparently catches the ball before hitting the opponent’s legs.

But before Aris gave AEK a 0-3 chance to succeed after Sundgren’s defensive error, against Aris ’disintegrated and forgotten high defense, a second goal.

The first half was like a nightmare for the hosts. They received three goals, which they did not experience until yesterday this season.

The sense of survival that didn’t have to drag on in the case of Mars led him to react in the second half, which was a team eager to get things done. Manos ’entry instead of Bruno into the match made Aris a more oppressive midfield, which resulted in him scoring (56th) and creating hope that he would be able to enter the game again. But expectations remained unfulfilled as Mantzios was late with his remnants.

Garcia placed in the 70th and Mitroglou in the 86th! The entry of the Argentine helped aggressively, but his superiority was not used even in the 80s, when Saša was late from the height of the penalty and was chased away by AEK defenders. Mitroglou’s entry four minutes before the end makes sense to ask questions, as it damages the player’s psychology, among other things, while his different leadership would be more beneficial to the team.

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