He broke his wife's arm with an ax in Russia


A Russian who cut off his weapon with an ax was sentenced today to a 14-year prison sentence in a case that again triggered the reality of domestic violence in the country.

Dmitry Greshkov was sentenced to 14 years in prison, which is the Serpukuff court, 100 kilometers south of Moscow, serving in high security prisons, the French agency said.

On December 11, 2017, a man drove his wife Margaretto Grusevo, who charged her with beatings, in a forest near Moscow after leaving two children in kindergarten. She tied her hands and cut her fingers before she began to hit her feet at the root of the tree, as reported by RES /

Then Gressev gave his hemostatic wound on his victim in order to avoid losing too much blood. She was brought to the hospital and together with a shoe box that had her right hand.

"No conviction will give me a hand," the young woman, who was 26 years old after the reading of the judgment, responded to journalists. She hoped that her ex-wife would be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Following a series of interventions, doctors managed to weld their left hand, which was found in the forest. The young lady wears a prosthesis in the right.

The researchers confirmed that the defendant had planned his crime in all details, including, among other things, the ax, gazo and iodine.

Dimitri Gricev should pay a fine of more than 2 million rubles (26,000 euros) in order to cause moral damage to the victim.

The example reveals the reality of domestic violence in Russia, where authorities in 2017 decriminalized some forms of domestic violence under the pressure of conservative circles.

Last October, a report by the Human Rights Watch NGO stressed that victims of domestic violence in Russia often face police indifference and "gaps in the judicial system".

One month before the attack, Margaret Grucheva filed a lawsuit against her husband ignored by the police.


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