From the telephone operator, the secretary-general of the ministry and the manager in millions of euros


Last Friday, Deputy Minister of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, Nassos Iliopoulos, called officials of the ministry. He confirmed that the General Secretary for Community and other resources management, Charilaos Floros, submitted the resignation and announced the name of his deputy.

The officers were stunned. When they were first overwhelmed, they were busy not to scream. The name of the substitute was so unexpected and dangerous for the matter, notwithstanding that after the meeting the senior and old colleague cried.

The reasons for the resignation of the Secretary-General were unknown. He did not even invoke any reason at all. He simply said he would "help the government elsewhere" without explanations or details. Following well-informed sources, while the Secretary General at the Ministry of Labor was Mr. Floros, he did not start any new work and did not complete any of the projects being implemented. Typically, the OAED was called for new programs with national funding, which means that nothing has been done to the General Secretariat for the management of Community funds.

This Secretariat was originally established under Presidential Decree 475/1993 as the General Secretariat for Employment and Management of Community Resources with a view to administering resources from the European Community and in particular from the European Social Fund. This means that it manages the millions that the EU grants to Greece through the European Social Fund and creates a policy of work. Let us recall that Secretary General Dimitra Chalikia, who was previously elected by Floros, resigned in 2016 and condemned his deputy, Deputy Minister Rania Antonopoulou, for poor management of employment programs.

Mrs. Chalikia's office was a young lady who picked up the phones. It was a "legacy" from Mrs. Chaliki's predecessor, Anna Delaporta. Katerina Exertzoglou was employed as an official name because of Mrs Delaporta's friendly relationship with her.

Departing from the General Secretariat due to government changes in 2015, Ms Delaport Demetro Chaliki asked Ms Exertzoglou to lead an office that does not have studies in law, economics or political knowledge, regardless of "working" or "employment" or "Community programs ". In Austria she conducted theater studies and her professional experience was small roles in short films. She also studied psychology in Panteion, and because theater and film show her passion and hold her, she writes reviews in online magazines. He graduated from the Department of Culture in Panteion on the theme "Vampires in the Cinema and their inclusion in pop culture: from Nosferatu" Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau to Twillight by Catherine Hardwicke ".

Katerina Exertzoglou does not have the smallest link to politics. She is a born artist with a similar look. Doses of ear nose and numerous colors in her hair gave an alternative to the boring office of the General Secretariat. Her supervisors commented on her appearance. She was told to say to her, "You can not get into the office like a karageus, it's not a theater scene here." Her mom also received complaints about her eccentric appearance in her work. But no one assumed responsibility to stop renewing his contract (this happened every six months), so she remained in the office, even when the secretary-general had changed again. Following Nassos Iliopoulos's resignation (due to ethical orders), Deputy Minister Rania Antonopoulou assumed his duties and took Ms. Exertzoglou into his office as an adviser.

On Friday we arrived by noon, with the Deputy Minister predicting that Katerina Excerzoglou took over the position of Mr Floros, who resigned, which is the Secretary General. He will manage all the resources of the European Social Fund and develop a policy of employment without qualifications, without knowledge of the topic, without technological perception and at least not interest in politics.

At the moment, the revision of the NSRF operational programs has been completed, followed by the allocation of additional budgets for each program so that the cash flows of co-funded employment programs will resume. The new Secretary General will be invited to sign all of the above, and therefore a special position, which is not decorative at all, requires several qualifications.

It was officially announced that it was a half-day day in the city, without specifying the reasons for replacing Charilaos Floros. The press release says: "Katerina Exertzoglou was appointed as the new Secretary General for Communities and other resources of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, replacing Charilaos Floros."

Regarding her biography: "Ms Excertzoglou was born in 1985 in Athens. He graduated from the German School of Athens. He graduated from the Psychology Department of the University of Panteion and holds a postgraduate study" Psychology and Media "and" Cultural Management "of the same university.

As for her professional experience: "By 2011 she worked in the private sector, in cultural management, in the media and in artistic organizations.

Since 2011, he is a special advisor to the General Secretariat for community management and other resources of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity.

During her mandate, she participated in the design and implementation of a series of anti-unemployment programs, in coordinating the World Bank technical assistance program with the Ministry of Labor with funding from the JSRS and piloting the implementation of an open framework for active employment policies in the municipality of Elefsina ".

However, as confirmed by the Ministry, they never participated in the design of the program.

Reports: Christina Tachyou



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