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Comprehensive development is the formation of Olympiacos for the next season.

Piraeus players have already moved to some gifted footballers, but four to five (plus one) transfers to support players are expected.

Reds have been shut down by Senegalese bay O & # 39; Shenau, Serbian wrestling Lazar Rantzelovic and Belgian Ugo Kaysers, and on the last line this seems to be the topic of Fiona Durmurai.

As SportDay writes today, the next steps will relate to the acquisition of (or two) goals from Copa Africa and the participation of Cisse, Merie, aggressive (because Hassan will barely remain), the wing. Christodoulopoulos will return after the first qualifying matches in Europe) and the instrument he will be able to "escape" Nathos.

At the same time, Kostas Nikolakopoulos in the Reds championship says that the first contacts were made by Olympiacos for the Algerian Yasin Benzias, who fought at Fener for a loan from Lille, as well as Papi Dizibotzi, who is without Gigabam. .

Indeed, it is positive that they are unlikely to be in the African Cup of Nations, which will be held next summer.


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