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The US position on the recognition of the right of the Republic of Cyprus to develop natural resources was reaffirmed by Nicosia, US Secretary of State for Energy Resources Frances Fannon, while stressing that Washington is giving priority to developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mr Fanoh's remark is clearly not accidental, as he met with the Minister of Energy of Cyprus Giorgos Lackotropis, who informed him that the drilling of the Delphini Petroleum project took place in ExxonMobil-Qatar.

According to Phileleftheros, a US official visiting Cyprus is visiting the area. Cyprus was Mr Fannon's second challenge to Israel, followed by Egypt, which discussed the development of energy sources in the region, he said in his statements after the meeting.

"We look at energy as a catalyst for cooperation and economic development for the benefit of all nations in the region, and Cyprus plays a key role in this direction," he said.

He expressed excitement about developments in the region and that there is a lot of possibilities, and Fanoh added that he is happy with the involvement of US companies in the region.

In particular, referring to Cyprus, Mr Fannon reaffirmed the position of the United States on the recognition of the right of Cyprus to develop its natural wealth in its exclusive economic zone.

"We also maintain our longstanding position to believe that natural wealth should be shared fairly with all the communities on the island as part of a comprehensive settlement," he said.

Hoping that this visit will not be the last, the US official added that "we continue to promote the issue of energy in the Eastern Mediterranean as a priority."

"I hope that I will return when we promote wider energy cooperation for the region," he concluded.

Mr Lakkotropis described his speech as productive, which, he said, focused on the development of energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as on development in Cyprus, both in terms of the research program and the exploitation program. special emphasis on US interests in Cyprus.

"We agreed to continue the dialogue on development, closer cooperation with the United States and other countries in the region for a common goal, the effective development of the Eastern Mediterranean energy resources for the benefit of its nations and be a catalyst for peace in the region," the Cypriot minister stressed.

Lastly, Mr Lakkotropis thanked himself and the United States for supporting the energy program of the Republic of Cyprus.

In addition, Mr Lakkotropis confirmed after the meeting that drilling at the goal of Delphi block 10 started with the ExxonMobil – Qatar Petroleum joint venture.

ExxonMobil's ExerconMobile Exercise Icemax rock has already reached a depth of 2 km, reached the bottom and started drilling. It is estimated that the drilling will take about two months and will be carried out on the coral ridge following the Egyptian model Zor.


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