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Crete: Kill him with scissors – the dark secret of the crime in the hotel!


Finally, a 44-year-old woman from France, who was accused of serious crime with scissors, was arrested at a hotel in Tsoutsouri, Crete, at night.

According to the latest information, this woman who will face the murder tomorrow will bring the prosecutor.

Dead is a 56-year-old man from France, who is a cousin of a woman. However, the authorities are seriously considering two scenarios of love affair.

The 44-year-old insists – according to information – that the 56-year-old did this alone because he had psychological problems, and for Heraklion's security it is clear that this is a criminal offense and there is no doubt that he killed him.

Police sources say that both have been drinking a lot of alcohol, and given that hallucinogenic tablets have been found in their room, it's open and serious to have been used previously.

According to, the woman has undergone a toxicological examination and forensic examination for possible abrasions and scratches that she can wear. He also told police that they arrived in Crete on July 20 and left at 27.00.

The 53-year-old Frenchman who died, brought the chest from sharp objects and especially from scissors.

Call to EKAB

As the representative of the ETAB Coordinator for Crete Yannis Zafiriou said, the first call of EKAB was made by the owner of the rooms shortly after 2 in the morning. "First of all, the owner of the premises informed us that it was a couple who spent several days in the area on holidays and was under the threat of drunkenness, and a little later, through the second call 112, the owner who did not live in the area informed him, that blood flows out of human mouth.

The rescue service with the doctor EKAB rushed to the point and the doctor found that a man with a knife on the chest and with him locked in the room was the woman accompanying him. "

The 56-year-old was transferred to the Arkalohori Health Center, while the police were also rushed to investigate the incident.

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