At the Olympic Games, a decision was made to reduce the share capital of Superleague & Olympiakos


Informing the Olympic team about the issue of the reduction of share capital, which has to be done for formal and accounting reasons, while the assets of the group must be in accordance with the MP. (Socrates Kokkalis was 13.48% and is expected to fall):

The OLYMPIAKOS FC shareholders' meeting was held on 16.11.2013 at the OLYMPIAKOS FOUNDATION premises on the Alexandras market, among which the following decisions were taken unanimously:

1. Annual report of the company and consolidated financial statements for the financial year, July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2013

2. A new Management Board was elected, which was composed as follows:

M. Ioannis – President

Kountouris Michail – First Vice President

Agrafiotis Dimitrios – 2nd Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

Batagiannis Evangelos – 3rd Vice-President

Vrentzos Ioannis – member

Theodorakakis Leonidas – member

Barbis Konstantinos – member

Mistriotis Christos – a member

Nasikas Andreas – member

Pavlos Georgios – member

3. A reduction of the company's share capital of € 60,000,000 was decided by offsetting its accumulated losses (ie Decrease in share capital of EUR 65,430,000, currently at EUR 5,430,000) for the renewal of the ratio of equity and share capital in accordance with the applicable provisions by canceling 150,000,000 registered shares with a nominal value of 0.40 EUR each (ie 163.575.000 registered shares, value 0.40 to 13.575,0 EUR 00 nominal shares with a nominal value of 0.40 EUR) in respect of per share of the participation of each shareholder.

4. The General Meeting of Shareholders unanimously approved the offer to the Association to grant Savvas Theodoridis the honorary title of Honorary President.


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