World Soccer Championship 2006: The "Summer Fairy Tale" case is rung again


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The "Sommermärchen" case rings again

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Organizing Committee World Football Championship 2006 Organizing Committee World Football Championship 2006

The creators of "Sommermärchens": Horst R. Schmidt, Theo Zwanziger, Franz Beckenbauer and Wolfgang Niersbach (from the left)

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The defendants in the 2006 World Cup seemed to be useless. Despite dubious cash flow, the accusations were rejected. The prosecutor is not satisfied with this. It's brand new.

SIt seemed that on the edge – the creators of "Sommermärchen", Theo Zwanziger, Wolfgang Niersbach, Horst R. Schmidt. But the scandal surrounding the dubious cash flows in the World Cup 2006 environment continues. After the Frankfurt District Court in Maina in 2018 rejected charges of severe tax evasion against the trio, the prosecutor continues to insist on the main hearing.

In their appeal to the Higher Regional Court, the investigators harshly criticized the 2nd Commercial Court of the District Court, as shown by the documents available in WELT AM SONNTAG.

Central is the payment of the Organizing Committee for the World Cup (OC) in the amount of 6.7 million euros. The money was transferred in 2005, reported as a contribution to the World Cup in FIFA World Cup. From there he went to Robert Dreyfus. As operational costs, OK bosses confirmed the tax receivable.

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But gala never happened, millions were in fact a loan from President OK, Franz Beckenbauer, who took over Dreyfus. Instead of returning the money, he asked for payment; the then heads of the German Football Federation (DFB) agreed.

A secret fee for Beckenbauer?

The "Spiegel" report of 2015 called the Frankfurt prosecutor's office a plan: they launched investigations into the DFB trio and the former man Fifi Ursu Linsi, who surrendered millions. They were detained for two and a half years, and then charged the prosecutor Anna-Elisabeth Krause with the indictment. Their view according to the indictment: Payment OK Dreyfus was a secret commission for the boss OK Beckenbauer.

Zwanziger and Co decided to replace the Beckenbauer loan "on account of the OK World Cup 2006" – "to thank Beckenbauer's witness for his services (…)". Six million like Merci. However, the 2nd Commercial Court of Justice rejected the indictment, suggested to the investigators that they had their own claim: if the payment for the millionaire was paid by the pelvic payer, then this was an operating cost – a tax deduction. Therefore, the district court did not accept the action.

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On the other hand, the prosecutor filed a complaint and is now supported by the Prosecutor General's Office. In its appeal, Krause-Ablaß completely deviates from their previous position on the matter. He now claims that there is nothing in the indictment that would replace Beckenbauer for payment. In addition, all files were not considered. There would also be proof of payment from this. It now discusses possible bribery, which should be discussed in the main proceedings.

A completely "new narrative"

The results of the investigation were incomplete assessed in accordance with the letter of the State Prosecutor General, available to this officer. The court should consider payments in terms of bribery. The Second Commercial Criminal Court closed with the actual background of cash flows.

Both bodies require the case to be referred to another panel. Krause-Ablaß complains that the judges did not comply with the statutory requirements for the panel. So back to the beginning. The only other question is: why did the prosecutor's office cease its investigations, although there are still so many vacancies?

Amazed at the appeal, Schmidt was a defender. In his statement, lawyer Tilman Reichling writes about the "new narrative" of the prosecutor.


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