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Warframe: Fortuna 2.0 – The Pacific Framework and Heists are coming this year

Eidolons were yesterday. For the Orb fighting in Orb Vallis, developer Warframe took into account something special.Eidolons were yesterday. For the Orb fighting in Orb Vallis, developer Warframe took into account something special.

It's really a motto "After adon before the addition" In 119. Devstream to Warframe, the developer of Digital Extremes has introduced a new truck with new information that we have uncovered here.

So you can in the open world of Venus later this year Start the robbery, build a very special military frame, and even use the new game mechanics. All this is what Digital Extreme calls the 2nd part of a major Fortune update for Warframe, recently released by the studio.

Fortuna 2.0 with ocean Heist 11

If you visit the open world of Orb Vallis on Venus and conclude a new effort to fight Solaris resisters, you will often list one of the "Orb", say non-uniform sorting, gigantic spiders see. At the moment, they are still unsustainable and do not die, as they attack you.

Warframe is confused: we help with a new start

In the fight against this, for the team, the most important thing is that they are different from the Eidoloni clashes on Earth. To get this, you become Heistern: To attack the Orbs, you will have to do the raids that the studio should focus on on movies such as the oceans 11.

Later this year you can record it with four legs.Later this year you can record it with four legs.

Above all, confrontations with the orbies should give greater emphasis to the cooperative aspect of Warframe Include players on a lower levelWhile you could only do something against the Eidolons on Earth as a veteran, beginners should be useful to robbers.

New Military Framework: Baruch Pacifist

When Garuda's bloodguard appeared with Fortune, he would have to arrive in December next December: Baruuk. According to Digital Extremes, it will play completely different from all previous combat clothes. Instead of dealing with damage or bleeding the members of the team, he will even try to harm To avoid the fight alone,

Baruch's skills are designed to prevent the fight.Baruch's skills are designed to prevent the fight.

Without a fight, you will not make much progress in the game, such as Warframe. Somehow you have to come to experience points. And Baruuk is probably not a pure pacifist: The developer has already suggested that he is also the most beautiful person a turning point has. And according to Patrick Rothfuss, the author of the work of "The Modding Fear," we must look after the anger of a beautiful person.

Models and kits for your companions

So far, you have been able to survive animal companion with different modes that use their life energy, shields and armor from your Warframe. Especially in combat dresses with less health, but it does a little help.

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In the future, you will also be able to use the Enhanced Vitality mode on Moa and Kubrows. But should you decide: improved health or well-known connection modes? You can not use both at the same time.

Helmint's charger also gets a whole special modset which strengthens its unique but rarely used abilities. The voltage set consists of the following changes:

  • Set bonus: Helminth Charger creates a bix to X cyst over a period of X seconds, burst every X seconds and spawns a maggot.
  • Stress infection (melee): +% critical damage for each crop produced.
  • Vibration utilization (Warframe): Dead worms restore X points of health in a given area.
  • Strain Fever (Helminth): Each cyst increases damage for X% and allows your charger to grow in the helminth.
  • Power Output (Helminth): Miracles explode to death, causing toxins to damage to nearby enemies

The next premier war will be Mesa

The developer also announced the next Prime Warframe: The Revolver's hero Mesa next one. Disclosure was not done in the programmer's channel itself, but – apparently by accident – with the announcement of a switching version of Free2Play.

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It says that players with Prime Access are not only getting access to Mag Prime and Chroma Prime, but also on Mesa Prime. The fans are already suspected of being the next heroine based on the Wild West slightly improved version we get it.

New cosmetics and additional content

Warframe veterans know: The real endgame shooter co-op is called Fashion FrameIn this sense, the developer also plans new endgame content for the following update: the Limbo gets deluxe skin, like Eidolons, the Nidus new helmet and operators can use six new hairstyles. The latter should be able to use the Hoverboard, called K-Drive, in the future.

The Limbo Deluxe design is based on the Eidolons.The Limbo Deluxe design is based on the Eidolons.

Similarly, there is a team modular primary weapon in the Kitguns style, as well as more learning in Fortuna Warframe Garuda. In the background of the Orb Vallis story, he soon receives his own version of fish sculptures from the Eidolon plains: So, the world's collectible items are distributed, which reveal some information about the history of the world after the find.

When a developer called "Melee 3.0", wait a little longer on the queue. This has to happen only next year. Then, along with Fortuna, he announced the Addon Rail Jack, in which you are together with your friends Spacecraft in multi-crew controls.

Will digital extrema this year announce all the planned Fortune content, the developer does not know yet.

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Warframe: Fortuna - Release Trailer agrees with Giant Update with Open World scenes


Warframe: Fortuna – Release Trailer agrees with Giant Update with Open World scenes

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