The pensioners died in their house in Wittenburg, a former ex-guardsman


We are absolutely certain that the twelve-year-old who was arrested on Saturday. The man was personally acquainted with the victim, and in August 2018, he was entrusted with the care of a retired person. He was currently working to help the victim of the house. An arrest warrant was issued against him for defective murder. According to a statement that took place around 2 am at the beginning of Saturday morning, the suspect first escaped.

According to the state prosecutor, the asylum seeker from Afghanistan, who has the status of tolerance of the Sasian authorities by the end of January 2019, has been rejected. He lived in a refugee shelter in the Zwickau area, Lange said. In the Zwickau area, the victim's daughter was active in assisting refugees. He gave the young man a job with his father.

The camera shot the attack

The housekeeper, who lived in the retirement house, saw an attack with a camera in a children's monitor. However, it initially assumed that the 20 year old old ceiling was, Claudia Lange, a spokeswoman for prosecutor Schwerin, said.

In the afternoon, a passenger at the A24 at Geesthacht in Schleswig-Holstein was picked up by the motorway police, as Steffen Baudler of the Rostock police headquarters said. Officials took the young man to the hospital for the first time. When checking identity, it turned out that he was a suspect. The rapporteur is already in custody in Neustrelitz; has not commented on the actions so far. There was not yet a weapon weapon.

Caffier warns against instrumentalization

According to Lange, the motive for action is so far unclear. There are no signs of a religious or politically motivated act. The information was also stolen, nothing. According to the police, the suspect in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region was not recorded. Whether this is so in other countries, it still needs to be determined.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, Schwerin last year in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had 56 attempts or completed murders. Of the suspects, there were eight German descent, a spokesman said.

The Minister of the Interior Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Lorenz Caffier (CDU) reacted shockingly to Wittenburg's action. He warned that he would not use the act for political purposes and abused him for calling for hatred and violence. "I am convinced that the judiciary will fully clarify the circumstances and motives of the crime and the perpetrator of the perpetrator in court," he said in a statement. The representative of the city of Wittenburg commented similarly.

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