Friday , October 22 2021

SPD top politicians calls for the resignation of the party leadership


In fact, Andrea Nahles wanted to end the discussion of the staff and a large coalition. But that does not work. The interior minister of Thuringia demands the resignation of the party's management.

The EPD does not calm down. Exactly in the Berlin negotiating camp, where the party wants to talk about their renovation this weekend, a senior politician calls for the resignation of party leadership. Georg Maier, Minister of the Interior of Thuringia and member of the Regional Executive Committee of the SPD, told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung": "I would very much like to thank if the contractual presidency has caused the consequences of defeats in recent times and completely resigned."

This would "open the way for the process of staff recruitment," continued Maier. He called for the "competition of mind and concepts" in the SPD. Maier also has a plan: on a special party day in the beginning of 2019, it is necessary to vote on the governance of the SPD. In addition to the 11-party party leader Andre Nahles, the presidency of the party also includes six judges.

Thuringian Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD) calls on the party's leadership to resign. (Source: dpa / Hendrik Schmidt)Thuringian Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD) calls on the party's leadership to resign. (Source: Hendrik Schmidt / dpa)

I had a special party Andrea Nahles was dismissed after a committee session only on Monday, "We are in danger, we rely on the power of cohesion," the party leader said at a press conference.

Request to withdraw from the big coalition

But the critic does not stop. There is also enthusiasm from the strongest association of the Member States of North Rhine-Westphalia. The chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the State Dusseldorf parliament, Thomas Kutschaty, criticized Nahles for her look at the waiting and the future of the big coalition. At the same press conference, Nahles also stressed that she adheres to her plan to decide on the future of the major coalition only in the autumn of 2019.

Kutschaty has now told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", the debate on this can not be stopped by the committee's announcement. At all levels, the party discusses the future of the SPD. He considered it important to "quickly think about how and if we can continue with a large coalition".

Kuchaty already in 2017 opposed the third edition of a major coalition. "With the end of the Great Coalition, it would not be all in one drop, but I'm sure that if we continue in the long run, we can not go with the SPD," he said.

Andrea Nahles: Other members of the SPD, such as mayor of Flensburg Simone Lange, have recently called for the resignation of the party's leadership. (Source: Reuters)

The party base meets with party leadership in Berlin

Meanwhile, the SPD meets in Berlin in their negotiating camp. The representatives of the party base exchanged their views with SPD leaders, thus speeding up the process of customer renewal. SPD leader Andrea Nahles and Secretary General Lars Klingbeil will open at Funkhaus in Berlin on Saturday at 2 pm. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, discussions on various topics will be planned.

The spectrum varies from Europeans to the environment and climate policy to migration, care, traffic and succession of the disputed Hartz IV system. The results and proposals should be included in the discussions of the party committees on the future course of the SPD.

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