Rolf Hoppe dead: Dejan's legend from "Three Hazelnuts for Pepelko" is dead


In the classic fairy tale "Three hazelnuts for Pepelko"he was king, in the movie" Mephisto "he played Hermann Göring: It's now player Rolf Hoppe died at the age of 87. He said that on Wednesday he was "sleeping peacefully" after completing his life in the family circle, the family said on Thursday about Hoftheater Dresden s.

Rolf Hoppe dead: The drama legend died at the age of 87

In 1995, Hoppe – born in Ellrich in Thuringia – bought a farm on the outskirts of Dresden and theater established as it is called on the Judicial Theater website. His breakthrough came from the GDR star with Oscar-winning "Mephisto" from 1982, which Istvan Szabo performed. Hoppe, who has long been considered a "bad guy", presented Hermann Goering a gift there. Even at the ARD "scene of crime" he was repeatedly seen.

Rolf Hoppe loved lovers of fairy tales in "Three Hazelnuts for Pepelko"

He also appeared in various films of the fairy tale. Hoppe played the king Classic "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella"playing in the Christmas TV program. In the year 2017, Hoppe was the first prize-winner at the fabulix film festival in Annaberg-Buchholz (Saxony), where he was honored for his life.

"When it's time, then it's time" – Rolf Hoppe is dead

Many knew him from "The Three Hazelnuts for Pepelko", but Rolf Hoppe filled more than 400 film and stage roles. Last year, Hoppe won several awards – the Märchenfilmfestival prize for life in Annaberg-Buchholz and the Dresden Semper Opera Ball slot.

"I'm mainly hanging out on small roles," Hoppe said three years ago in an interview just before his 85th birthday. "The most important thing is a good home." Hoppe smoked on the tube – the doctor prescribed it in the 40s of the last century instead of cigarettes.

The player Rolf Hoppe remained active until his age

In recent years, Hoppe has not retired: "I love doing, it's also a nice job," he said. Only with his strength he had to be more economical. One of his projects: his own theater. Already in 1995, a player on the outskirts of Dresden bought a farm and founded the Hoftheater Dresden with friends, according to the website of the theater. But for several years there was only the viewer there.

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Rolf Hoppe is dead: because of this role he was immortal

His "Spielwut" Hoppe first lived in an amateur theater group in his home town of Ellrich on the southern edge of Harz. In turing time, the Thuringian earned money for a pit bull and a hell. His general Göring, as the opponent of Klaus Maria Brandauer in the award-winning filming of the novel by Klaus Mann "Mephisto" in Istvan Szabó's film, was known to him all over the world in 1980. Also, as the father of the pianist Clare Schumann in "Spring Symphony" Peter Schamoni showed Hoppe the world class. At the festival in Salzburg he was repeatedly in the mammon "Everyman".

Since 1963, Hoppe has filled up over 400 film and stage roles and has given the form of almost all classical and comic characters in world literature in the theater. He never succumbed to the temptation to turn his back when he was recording abroad. And he continued to demand in the new film Germany, which played in "Bronstein's children", "Schtonk!" and "Mario and the Wizard".

Moving Interview: Rolf Hoppe was not afraid of death

In just over 50 years of career, there were only two white points: "You would never play a child killer," once said, a player who has long been considered a "bad guy". The second exception is quite unintentional: the amateur role was never offered to him. "A fat person can love too." His record did not circle this. "I have a good life." He had no fear of death, he only wanted a tolerant passage. "When it's time then it's time."

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