Picture: Nazan Eckes puts a picture of Bambia and everyone rests


Cologne –

Although Nazan Eckes is incredibly beautiful, she rarely detects excessive sexuality.

This year's Bambi shows a 42-year-old, but what's up!

In her instagram account, the host shares a hot shot. In an evening dress with a creamy color, beauty is shocking and enthusiastic to her fans.

Top of the dress is a tight bustier with borders. After the dress he fell to his feet. All that is still in the frame – it would not be a very long slit.

Panties Blitzer shock fans

And in order to be able to slip elegantly down the stairs, my mom raises both clothes so that her panties can be seen.

Some of their companions are not even thrilled with this speed of the camera.

"Whether this is desired or unwanted, that's too much," says the fan. Another writes: "Naznan, you do not need it!"

Most are brunettes. "It's nothing but a bikini. At least he wears his pants," says Nazan.

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"I think you look wonderful." One of the most beautiful women on German television, "someone else enthuses.

What does the husband say Julian Khol? The Austrian artist and manager have been married for six years.



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