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Meghan Markle – Details are caused by sharp speculation


Meghan Markle recently noticed several public appearances. But one detail causes speculation.

London – Lately, Meghan Markle, now the Duke of Sussex, has often seen tied hair. Mostly with Dutt, always with a smile – but maybe it has a very specific reason? Perhaps this is possible because the duchess has hair loss, at least one hairdresser of the suspect.

"When you are pregnant, the cycle of hair stops and you do not lose your hair. So at birth, all hair that you should lose in nine months fall in a short period of time. If your hair was damaged during pregnancy, your stitched hair will be prevented further damage, "says Promiflash James Johnson.

Insider also claims that Meghan will not work too well, as her pressure has caused problems.

Meghan Markle: Your husband is almost concerned about the problem

Meghan may have opted for a haircut to protect her hair from further injury, continues the stylist.

Meghan Markle with the Duke of Kate – and tied hair.

© dpa / Mike Egerton

One thing is clear: While Meghan is just speculation, Prince Harry's thing is over: his hair has recently been visibly illuminated, apparently in a similar way to his brother William.

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Meghan Markle: Always in the covers

Meghan is currently also subject to further speculation. The start of the last season of the "Suits" series causes fans to wonder if the duke can return to the series again.

However, there are many more critical addresses that are currently being performed by the king's son. Prince Andrew is allegedly involved in a scandal over the misappropriation of US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Her appearance has already been quite a stir in recent times: she was wearing very expensive loaves on the movie premier.


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