Lisa just in Berlin: marathon again for Hahner-Twins


Berlin / Ralf Jarkowski and Ulrike John, dpa

Gemini, who hold hands at the Olympic Games in Rio, the sun shines, sisters and share everything. In neon-orange running shoes, Lisa and Anna Hahner are together at the marathon end. This photo from August 14, 2016 raises hot discussions.

The advertising game was burdened: with the place that was taking place, he also ran and grotto-bad time exhibited his "Hahnertwins" his brand name. Because the world's fastest siblings are not two German women, but North Korea Hye and Yhe Gong Kim.

Especially from the running scene, he greeted the critics, the German association Leichtahletik left Hahners after his "fun ride" on Sugar Loaf until it is still today. "Criticism was often unrealistic, and then I met. Half a year later, I could not have given interviews, but now it's part of my story," said Lisa Hahner from the German Press Agency in Berlin. After Rio, I was empty, in the head and Physically. "Two years later, she calmed down with a race in Rio:" It's been processed for me, cut off. "

The return has developed. "In September 2017 I crashed in Cape Town Marathon after 24 kilometers," said the 28-year-old. "That was the point where I said: Ok, I gotta change something!"

And she changed something. The young woman moved from Gengenbach, where she lived with her sister Anna and the trainer and manager Thomas Dold, in the Spree metropolis. Experienced marathon
Coach Dieter Hogen, who once founded Uta Pippig in a world-class racer, should once again motivate Lisa to make it better and faster.

The project is designed in the long run. "I will not go to Berlin with the aim of Olympia 2020 in Tokyo," said Lisa Hahner. "I'm thinking about the year 2024 in Paris and Los Angeles in 2028. I can imagine that I do ten years of competitive sports at the highest level." She felt: "Lisa, Berlin is the right thing." Meanwhile, she even knows what is "Schrippe".

On December 2 begins in the next return in Valencia, then at the beginning of the ninth time in the marathon. "I have no good marathons for three years now," she said. In Frankfurt am Main on October 25, 2015, it was her best performance. 2:28:39 hours to date.

Her four sponsors followed the bankruptcy in Rio. On the other hand, it does not require the Athletics Federation to start again. "We did not receive anything from the Olympic Games in the Olympic preparations: in the years 2015 and 2016, we will not have any Euros. I have not reported any of the DLVs to date, and at Anna, too, not at all. Not at all. I want to run through the federation and I do not know consciously. "However: because of the lack of highlights, none of them anymore belong to any of the members of the association.

With Anna, who stayed in Baden, Lisa, despite the great distance, touched almost every day. "I would never talk about divorce because I do not feel that way," the new one
Berliner. "We are only in different places. Maybe it's better for" development "."

Sister Anna and her partner, Thomas Dold, who were often criticized for offending twins, do not want to comment on the new conditions. Dold said, "we're not interested in an interview."

Anna Hahner, who won the Hannover Marathon in 2016 and is the best time 2:26:44, fought back and continued with injuries in Rio. He also has a new coach. Both sisters start the following year for SCC Berlin.

"It was time to press the restart button. When the operating system completely turns off, start over," said Anna Hahner at She still had "big goals" and felt "time to change". In the future she will work with Dan Lorang, who will also train top triangles Jan Frodeno and Anne Haug.


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