"Lindenstraße" is set up on ARD: This is how horrible the reaction of famous personalities on a television hammer


Lovers of the cult series "Lindenstraße" must now be very brave: ARD has made the final decision. So horrified to react celebrities to the TV hammer.

Famous personalities to "Lindenstraßen" -Ob

Update from November 17, 8:21: The end to the evergreen "Lindenstraße" at the Bambi Awards in Berlin triggered various responses to celebrities. "It's an institution. It was the first series that existed in this form, but at some point something is said," said Heino Ferch (55, "Comedian Harmonists") of the German Press Agency.

"My dad then recorded all the episodes on the VCR," said Oliver Wnuk (42, "Stromberg"). "I would probably be very proud to play it once. Unfortunately, I can no longer fulfill this desire."

Thore Schölermann, 34, a visiting messenger of Germany, who has been playing for years in the now-withdrawn "Forbidden Love" mood, especially refers to players and players of the series. "It's a production like a big company. And soon there will be a lot of doors and you will not know where to go."

Comedian Luke Mockridge (29), whose father Bill has been playing Erich Schiller for "Lindenstraße" for many years, takes the humor from the cult series. "This is terrible news. Why is Bambi not canceled? How did the stock market respond?"

Politicians and police react in Munich

ARD stops "Lindenstraße": No understanding with the manufacturer Geißendörfer

Update from November 16, 2018, 15:10: The Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) recently announced that the ARD TV conference decided to extend the "Lindenstraße". This ends the cult series after 34 years of television broadcasting.

However, the affected person is not at all satisfied: the founder and producer of "Lindenstraße" Hans W. Geißendörfer. According to Bilda's report, she disagrees with the decision and states: "Lindenstraße means political and social commitment, freedom of expression, democracy, equal rights for all and integration, more important than ever in the right-wing and xenophobic times." In addition, he was disturbed , that ARD would not continue a series that would represent such a relationship.

Off for the cult series "Lindenstraße"

Notice of 16 November 2018, 9.23: The television series "Lindenstraße" ends after 34 years. The ARD Television Program Conference had the majority against the extension of the concluded production contract, which was notified by the West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR) in Cologne. The last episode will be held in March 2020.

"Lindenstraße" has been on television since 1985

"Lindenstraße" was first broadcast on December 8, 1985 at 18.40. Now the Sunday series is over. There will be no new stories about the people in Munich and their everyday lives.

"Lindenstraße" is an icon "

"This decision was not made easier by the ARD television program conference, because" Lindenstraße "is an icon on German television that has been watching us for decades," said ARK director Volker Herres in a press release.

The Lindenstraße series was invented by Hans W. Geißendörfer and is now worried by his daughter Hana Geißendörfer. Especially in the early years, the long-term burner has repeatedly caused public debates, for example by dealing with homosexuality.

That is why ARD sets up "Lindenstraße"

However, the number of spectators at "Lindenstraße" probably has been falling for years. Aus justified ARD with economic constraints.

Lindenstraße's official Twitter account says: "This is the saddest news we ever had to say: Lindenstraße will not continue. It is expected that the last episode of the spring of 2020 will be"

The next Sunday, at 18.50 (ARD), is the new episode "Lindenstraße" entitled "Man in a lift" – by the way, this is the 1696 episode number.

The already announced death at the "Lindenstrasse" in August published headlines.

Video: Lindenstraße has been set up

Reactions to "Lindenstraße"

In social networks, users' responses are far from coming.

So @KarlaKnows tweets: "After 34 years: off for Lindenstraße.

It is no wonder that residents can definitely afford that the apartments in Lindenstraße will no longer be on current rental prices and on current gentrification. "

Some also have fun at the end of "Lindenstraße".

"Where were you when you heard the end of # Lindenstraße?" Ask @textaufgabe

However, there are also people who link something to the ARD series. And the news is obviously sad.

"End # Lindenstraße …. Who, like me, grew up and saw that Benny died only one thought …", writes Twitter user @kartonbau.

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