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Lidl takes care of a dramatic critique – this is because of advertising plus fashion


Lidl's current offer of size 44-56 size is causing problems for some customers: they say that is just a little more.

Lidl discount store with the current range of 44 to 56 fashion modules for some customers: the offered clothes are too small, large, size can not be questionable, writes on Facebook. "Unfortunately, women's products fall by 1-2 sizes smaller than stated," he complains about the commentator on Facebook.

Lidl offers a modo plus size: a critique of designs

And this is not the only reason why mail on July 15 criticized some Facebook users: The models in the picture are barely in size, some women complain.

"Where do you need models in the image of" large sizes "? Lady and gentlemen have normal growth, with her I evaluate at the top 40/42, on pants max 42/44. The gentleman is right. Such ads give the image of a normal or slightly thick fat. There is definitely no reason for both models. Since I agree with some of them here, it's … This is simply an epic failure, "commented the user and found some approval.

Plus fashion at Lidl: demand is high

The offer advertised with "Casual for the Summer", however, anticipates the demand: "Unfortunately, everything has already disappeared," some interested noted. On the website, the first colors and sizes have already been sold out.

For a discount, this is not the first example of criticism. Only recently have data protectors complained that Lidl is collecting data on a large scale with a discount application. In addition, Lidl brought an allegation of non-loyalty when a discount on Facebook was asked for an employee who allegedly complained to the client.

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