Monday , March 8 2021

"It can not be better"

Arjen Robben is not the one who has long heard the words – even now – in the toughest sporting stage of FC Bayern Munich.

"We are not allowed to talk about titles, because at present we do not have enough good results – that's how you really have to be." This extraordinary statement was given by the Dutch winger in an interview that was on Monday at Sportschau ARD,

He talked with the rapporteur, Jessy Wellmer, for 34 years, and he spoke very frankly about his downward career, coach Niko Kovač, and his critical attitude towards the moral weaknesses of professional football.

Arjen Robben o …

his further career prospects:

"If Bayern will finish, that does not mean that my career is over, it will not be better, you have to try slowly as poorly as possible, you need someone close to someone who really knows football and says:" Boy, go and make something else." "

Coach Niko Kovač:

"He may have a little less experience and he is still young, you realize that there are still many players in it, I do not mean that, I think he is very ambitious, like a player, you work hard and you have to tell clearly: be coach of Bayern, this is not easy. "

Children in professional football:

"My club does this too, but I'm against kids who play at a professional club at eight or nine years old. I do not think that's good. Children also have social life and must continue to develop. To be pressured at this age : I think that's not good. "

media coverage:

I can say that I am already in the tenth season in Bavaria and I do not know if I have ever seen it so … Everything comes new something every day – this is no longer about football, but only football. You can change this only on the court if you succeed, you have peace of mind and everything will reappear at the next defeat. "

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