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iPhone XR

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It has been reported that production lines prepared for a slightly cheaper iPhone XR by Apple contractors are underused.

The new low-cost iPhone XR, according to media reports, is not as demanded as Apple expected. Closed production capacity of two leading Foxconn and Pegatron manufacturers is not fully exploited, as the Japanese economic news agency reported on Monday, which lists informed people.

For example, Foxconn has set up 60 product lines for the iPhone XR – of which there are only currently around 45. This means that about 100,000 fewer phones would be produced per day than the previous more optimistic forecasts. At Pegatron's plans to expand production they were detained, he said, to quote circles in the industry of suppliers.

The Wistron manufacturer, who often jumps into production bottlenecks, will not order the iPhone XR in this Christmas business. At the same time, Apple increased orders for the previous year's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models for 5 million units to 25 million for the current Christmas quarter, the newspaper writes. The last model with the home button was sold by the manufacturer as an alternative to the expensive iPhone iPhones, which is cheaper.

The iPhone XR has the design of the iPhone XS above, but it's 300 euros cheaper with a price that starts just below 850 euros. It only has a main camera instead of two on XS and a larger XS Max, as well as a cheaper LCD screen instead of an OLED display. Analysts believe that the XR, which will be launched at the end of October, will have a large share of iPhone sales in the long run.

A lot of colors

Finally came the iPhone 5c in different colors. In addition to the black and white iPhone Xr is also available in red, blue, coral and yellow.

Speculation about the deterioration in demand for the iPhone, based on information from the supplier industry, has often been inaccurate or incorrect in the past. In January, the Japanese business newspaper last reported, Apple halved iPhone X production due to "disappointing sales". Apple continued with the recording of numbers, says CEO Tim Cook later, the dear iPhone X is the best-selling model among iPhones. However, in this report, Nikkei does not apply to component suppliers, but to manufacturers of devices themselves.

Apple has recently disappointed analysts with selling forecasts for the current Christmas business, and at the same time announced that from this quarter, the data on the sale of its devices is no longer mentioned, including falls available only at the end of October iPhone XR. The number of devices sold does not necessarily mean the "power of business", said Chief Financial Officer Apple. The group now also benefits from the ever-growing iPhone market, and its applications and services have continued to produce new records in recent quarters.

Apple iPhone XR 64GB blue "class =" a-pvgs__img "src =" https://heise.cloudimg.io/bound/200x200/q75.png-lossy-75.webp-lossy-75.foil1/_www-heise- de_ / preisvergleich-gzhls.at / I / 71/58/1887158-n0.jpg

iPhone XR Blue

Apple iPhone XR 128GB yellow "class =" a-pvgs__img "src =" https://heise.cloudimg.io/bound/200x200/q75.png-lossy-75.webp-lossy-75.foil1/_www-heise- de_ / preisvergleich-gzhls.at / I / 71/48/1887148-n0.jpg

iPhone XR Yellow

Apple iPhone XR 128GB red "http://heise.cloudimg.io/bound/200x200/q75.png-lossy-75.webp-lossy-75.foil1/_www-heise- de_ / preisvergleich-gzhls.at / I / 71/50/1887150-n0.jpg

iPhone XR red

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