Half-time at the World Chess Championship: Caruana forced another draw



Half-time in the World Cup between Carlsen (L.) And Caruani is now 3: 3.

Half-time in the World Cup between Carlsen (L.) And Caruani is now 3: 3.(Photo: imago / Bildbyran)

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Magnus Carlsen will continue to fight at the World Chess Championship in London. Once again, his challenge to Fabiano Caruana is haunted by the draw. For a short time, the "chess king" is waiting for the end, but the brilliant idea saves it.

World champion Magnus Carlsen and rival Fabiano Caruana also lost in the sixth game of the World Chess Championship in London by draw. Thus, after half of the twelve games, a comparison at the World Championship 3: 3 is foreseen. In the multi-layered battle game, Caruana has long set the campaign. Especially in the last phase of the Americans took the initiative and the world champion could save half the point only fort in the last second.

The game started with a balanced opening. For the first time in this world championship, Carlsen opened the double step of the e-pedestrian and Caruana responded with its main weapon, Russian defense. The 27-year-old Norwegian has prepared a rare variant, but his one-year younger opponent from the US was well aware of the opening again. Both metropolis at the center of the same jumping maneuver and in the eighth movement, a lady from the table disappeared.

Caruana played heavily, opened the lines for his towers, and took the initiative for a white innocence in the 29th move. Norwegian Carlsen tried his defense task by sharing all of the difficult numbers to relieve. After completing 40 years of train control, he made a drastic and dubious decision by sacrificing a number for three infantry. After Caruana, he even gained two more farmers and got more water. But Carlsen found a brilliant rescue solution: he grabbed his king and built the position of a fortress that Caruana could not rip.

After almost 6.5 hours and 80 moves, the competitor finally gave up his efforts and forced to draw. The seventh game will be held on Sunday after the break. Magnus Carlsen opens with white. The London game is scheduled for twelve games. Who reaches 6.5 points for the first time, crowned the world champion. If it's a tie, you get a tiebreak. The winner of the meeting receives one point, and at the draw, each player receives 0.5 points. The prize pool is a million dollars.

In 2013, Carlsen counted himself as the second-youngest world champion in history and twice successfully defended his title. He has been on the world ranking since 2011; Caruana is in second place behind him.

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