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Gentle uptrend: Löw demands victory in a prestigious match

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Gentle uptrend: Löw demands victory in a prestigious match

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Loew Loew

National coach Löw wants to be successful against the Netherlands. Photo: Federico Gambarini

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This is the worst year of the team in the age of Joachim Loew. "Bitter and disappointing," says the coach. However, it is still with the Netherlands to provide a sensitive feeling of ascent. The win is enough for the best EM qualifier.

Mrelsenkirchen (dpa) – Joachim Loew has already focused on next year. "Now we have to have new ideas. Of course, the young team has to be a little bit more", said the coach. "It's important to ask yourself and act."

First, however, the DFB team in the classic (20.45 / ARD) against the Netherlands, despite the downhill in the League of Nations, reaffirm the recent upward trend. "Even if we are the last in the group, we want to finish the year, which was very bad for us with a win," said Joshua Kimmich.

LOCATION: With only one point in the previous matches of the league league A, the match is no longer prevented. The Netherlands (6), France (7) can even win by winning the group and get the last free ticket for the final of June next year. Oranje got a direct comparison with world champion France (1: 2, 2: 0).

BRISANZ: The opposite of the neighbors comes from the past. In 1974 Germany won the World Cup finals in their country against the Netherlands 2-1 for themselves. In 1990, in the second round of the 1990-1990 Milan in Milan, he defeated the team of former head of France Beckenbauer to the renewed title of the Oranje World Cup. In 1988, in the Netherlands, the German team triumphed three times in Hamburg in the semi-finals of the race on the road to the European Championship. "This is just another prestigious match," said manager Oliver Bierhoff.

BALANCE: Even with the victory against Oranju, Löw can at best determine a negative score of only five wins in 2015. After 12 matches this year, four wins, two drawings and six defeats are recorded. The DFB team never left the field in its 111-year history as a loser.

OBJECTIVE: "The game is important to be one in Lostopf on December 2," Loew said. If Dublin draws opponents to qualify for the European Championship in Dublin, this could be an advantage. The victory against the Netherlands is enough to overtake Croatia and still slip into the pot of the ten countries that planted it. "Second, we still want to move forward with our development," said Bierhoff. "We want to say goodbye to the year, showing off to us and fans, we are well on the way," Löw added. Do not forget the humiliation at 0: 3 in October at the first leg in Amsterdam.

TICKETS: Only 40,000 of the 53,000 seats were sold in the Schalke Arena. "We're just blamed for what we showed this year. With better performance, we can change it again," said FC Bayern professional Joshua Kimmich.

OPPONENT: The Netherlands is on the rise after two missed tournaments. "At this moment you can feel the enthusiasm. The Netherlands had to go through the valley of tears for longer," Loew said. The rise also had a significant impact on Ronald Koeman's bonds coach. "You can see this in the style of the game, it was in Barcelona and other big clubs, it's football with clear idea and creativity," said the coach.

NATIONAL LEAGUE: A descent from the League of Nations is not a "world end", said Löw. In 2020, the DFB Group must compete in the B-league. Possible opponents include the world champion of Croatia, Poland, Iceland, Austria, Wales or Finland. The Netherlands and France will again play in the A-Relay against the best teams on the continent.

COVER: Thomas Müller is about to move into the 100cc club. His first international match was denied to Argentina on March 3, 2010 against Argentina (0: 1). It would be the 14th German international, which creates a three-digit sign. The list is led by Lothar Matthäus (150) in front of Miroslav Klose (137) and Lukas Podolci (130). "There are no more than thirty. If 100 of the 100 international producers are quasi in production, this is great," said Löw, and promised Müller, after a campaign against a Dutch glass of wheat beer in the cabin.

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