From bad sleep to pain in the back: Yoga can help!


Updated on November 8, 2018, 12:30

Yoga is good and people are attractive and appropriate. But even heartburn, colds and even disease can be relieved of yoga. We show which exercise helps in suffering.

Has not yet fallen into a new popular yoga sport? Then come these ten reasons why it's worth a try – for example, in the fight against love or sleep disorders. But beware: The exact training of a yoga teacher and a doctor's visit can not replace the gallery!

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For those who are tormented with internal anxiety and lack of concentration, or who believe that they lose their grip, the tree is a true yoga posture.

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To do this, bend one leg and lift it against the inner thigh. Then take a deep breath, lift your hands to the sky and place your palm on one another. Hold the five breaths and then take the other side.

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In the fight against aging, a fountain of youth between yoga in winter: hand shower – physical and mental. Not only does the blood in this head move in the head and brain, but also arms and back.

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Whether for free or with a wall as a pad, hold the handle for ten breaths. It's best to do this exercise in the morning and start a day full of energy.

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Dancing through life and getting rid of ugly breaths on your thighs or even avoiding it? Not so easy, but Yoga Pose Dancer strengthens the front and back of the thigh and prevents cellulite.

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It is best to stretch your thighs, then raise your left foot and reach with your right hand. Hold some breaths and then switch the page.

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If you have problems with your neck and back, you must let it hang. Best in bending. Thanks to this yoga, the tension in the back can be saved and the legs strengthened. In addition, the flow of oxygen is rich in the head, which increases the efficiency.

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Close your legs or move your legs, slowly get up and relax for a bit of breath in this tranquil stance.

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Those who struggle with heartburn, hold yoga, they can help camel. It is a reduction in gastric acid and stimulates digestion in delicious foods.

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First, head straight to your lower legs. Then sit and push forward. Keep your back straight and slightly tilt back until your ankle is caught by your hands. Hold the neck long, watch and hold the three breaths. Then you feel relaxed. Repeat this three times.

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If you go to bed, you can alleviate more problems: digestion is activated, flatulence decreases. In addition, the postures help in the infections of the kidneys and bladder. In addition, impotence can be prevented. It is important for you to attract Mula Bandha. This is the area between the sexual organs and the anus and the PC muscles and pelvis.

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Although chocolate also helps with pain. But they are more healthy fighting grief with the help of a warrior and not unnecessary calories.


This exercise, with the bent leg and the back legs bent, not only strengthens the body. It also provides inner strength and self-confidence. Anyone who moves from this position to the rank of stands will also focus better – and announce the battle with love!

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Menstrual cramps can be nasty and noticeable in the head, back and abdomen. To combat this, we recommend relaxed twists. Brushes can be resolved in a butterfly.


Sit down first. Then pull your knees to your body and open it outwards as a book. Foot soles touch. If you like, hug your legs and shake your thighs slightly to relieve them. Then take a deep breath, lean forward and relax for some breath.

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Leveling works are usually tense when stress dries again. Fast fixing is even half of the eagle, which helps in opening the upper back.

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Everywhere between yoga exercises, which struggles against many physical problems at once, the dog looked down. Through it, the whole body stretches, regenerates and strengthens. The circulation starts, and the brain and the spine get blood, because the head hangs.


Place your hands on the knees in parallel with the floor and then push it upwards. Push the heel against the ground and stretch out the back. Bless!

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