Considerably cheaper than recommended: Aldi wastes the next product of the brand


Milka wants to quickly establish a new variety. Especially the older customers need to get a brand name. The parent company Mondelez hopes for higher sales, as revenues on the chocolate market are decreasing. Only in 2018 it fell by four percent.

For the new line of products, Milka departed from the usual violet shade, making the package even darker. Milka complains mainly to clients who are over 45 years of age. This target group consumes substantially bitter-sweet chocolate and here it seems that there are still market gaps.

Entering the market in Germany welcomed the criticism. The consumer center in Hamburg called the product Mogelpackung a month. The reason is that there is less chocolate in the new table, so consumers are advocating.

Packages weighing only 85 grams. Classic Milka table is 100 grams. At the price, however, customers have to pay just as much as Milk's classic chocolate. According to the manufacturer, the retail price for Classic and Dark Milk is € 1.09.

Aldi will now help with a competitive price of 69 cents to quickly become successful. For a few days, the offer is in the discount store.


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