Carbohydrate supplements! Why is low-carbohydrate nutrition so difficult?


Good for the picture, but unsatisfactory: we depend on carbohydrates! Why low-carbon foods are so heavy

Researchers have just registered a low carbohydrate diet as the best way to maintain healthy body weight. Popular foods, such as currywurst, pizza and cake, are actually a taboo. To make it easier, we can sometimes make a mistake.

When talking about low carbon oil, this means a diet that relies heavily on "carbohydrates" or carbohydrates – at least those that can be used quickly, which are not long and thick: noodles, white bread, desserts and desserts. Good carbohydrates, especially vegetables and whole grains, are very welcome – as a companion of lean meat and fish, steam or roasted in good vegetable oil.

Those who consistently follow the principle of low carbohydrate content can not only lose weight healthyly, but also permanently maintain a new weight. The latter showed a nutritional study published in November 2018 in the BMJ magazine.

A low-carbohydrate diet stores extra calories

In the study, he found that a low-carb diet would be the best way to stay at weight loss. After five months of low-carbohydrate diet, subjects have burned 250 kilocalories a day more than a control group, which is a low-fat diet. The degree of hormone ghrelin was very low due to the release of carbohydrates. This stimulated metabolism and helped prevent the effect of yo-yo on diet.

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The cubes do not replace the cotton candy

Because it is promising as low-carbon foods as a nutritional and nutritional principle, there is catch: often they are "forbidden" carbohydrates, which make us feel good, content and happy. And: It's hard to bite on it, so for example, just eat a chocolate rib instead of the whole table. It becomes so difficult to become uncontrolled feeding.

This desire has much to do with children's experiences, with taste sensations, such as french fries, spaghetti Bolognese or nougat cream from nuts. Often there was some sweet or favorite meal as a reward or comfort. This also works for adults when they are disappointed: then they choose chocolate pudding, not for vegetable sticks.

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And for sweet, creamy and soft – all carbohydrates and starch – we were already born in a cradle. Infants suck sweet mother's milk and are programmed at all times in sweetness.

Fast-acting carbohydrates and insulin – a vicious circle

And then it's insulin. The hormone signals fat cells to store fat. In addition, following a meal, insulin secretion depends to a large extent on carbohydrates consumed, especially digestible pasta, starch and sugar – the only basis of the products we often want. A small amount of carbohydrates also stimulate the secretion of insulin. And more is releasing insulin, the more our body needs carbohydrates – a vicious circle.

Fat instead of carbohydrates – and without counting calories

Nutritionist David Ludwig suggests a way out of an unsustainable desire for carbohydrates from a nutrient that does not have a good reputation: fat. Because: it is full and has no effect on insulin secretion. It does not mean butter and bacon, but quality vegetable oils, nuts, greasy fishes or avocados. "Healing fats can overcome cravings for food," says a trusted dietary supporter with low carbohydrate content.

If you stick to the principle, you do not always have to count calories – and during this time you can afford a carbohydrate bomb from a pizza maker or a pastry shop.

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