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Are men sweating more than women? Researchers discover surprisingly


We often hear the claim that women are running less than men. Is this true? The power of sweating depends on gender?

Researchers point out that sex is drifting differently

Researchers at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia found in the study that it does not matter what sex you have. Instead of the game body size an important role.

Sweat: There is no difference between men and women – Krpergre is crucial

According to the results of the study, women and men can produce the same amount of sweat. However, there is a link between the size of a person and the amount of sweat. Bigger people sweep the results in most cases than smaller people, but gender is not important.

So often you need to change the leaves if you often sweat.

Underground temperature: Increased blood flow or Schweiproduktion body

To cool the body at hot temperatures, there are two different ways: either by secretion of Schweidrsensekreta on the skin or by increasing the circulation of the skin surface.

The study involved 36 men and 24 women who had approximately the same degree of physical fitness and had a similar medical condition. During the examination, the participants had to stay in a warm place, so that their bodies were heated to a certain temperature.

Differences in the type of heat release in small and large people

By measuring the flow of blood on the surface of the skin and measuring the production of pigs, researchers found that the body of small people prefer to cool because of increased blood flow. Larger persons, on the other hand, start to swim earlier than smaller ones to trigger the cooling process.

Smaller people have a larger area per kilogram of body weight compared to larger people, so they can better tolerate heat through the skin with greater blood circulation.

Sex plays only a minor role in the release of heat

According to researchers, the gender of the participants was not the cause of heavy sweating, according to the authors, only about five percent of the difference in heat energy was attributed to the sex.

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