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A thirteen-year old tractor was not illegal


UNear the Allgäu resort in Balderschwang, two children flooded the tractor on Saturday night and killed them. They were together with a third child in a mounted transport container on the front of the tractor.

While driving after a collision, a ten-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girl were thrown out of the container and overturned by a tractor. Although another 12-year-old girl remained physically unmarried, she was severely traumatized. The 13-year-old was sitting behind the wheel of a tractor, the police said. She did not want to post details by Monday.

According to Mayor Balderschwang Konrad Kienle, the children, together with their parents, went on a one-day trip to about 1000 meters high Lenzenalpe. Two families came from the 25-kilometer distant Riefensberg in the Bregenz forest and became acquainted with the Alps operators. In the past, such visits were traditionally the drive of a privately owned tractor from the Alps, Kienle reported.

The boy drove along the Alps' private route. Therefore, the trip of the 13 year old was by no means illegal, "the mayor said. Since the path was "brettlflach" and there are no major hazardous sites, such tractor spraying with a 13 year old behind the steering wheel would pose no special hazard. "The boy did this 100 times without first having happened, which happened," the head of the parish said.

It was horrible that the summer trip ended with such a tragedy. "It was a terrific look for the assistants and those who were affected. The whole area is affected and very sad, "said Kienle.

The accident happened near the forest near the idyllic Lenzenalpa. On their website, operators promote a popular mountain destination as a "family-friendly summer Alpine landscape". As an "ideal and easily accessible hiking destination", it is also suitable for families with small children. A mountain family, which is present all summer, next to goats, on the Alps mountain near Riedberger's horn, grows goats, pigs and chickens.

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