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After a fire at the Konstanz hospital investigators investigated by the prosecutor's office and the criminal police for the cause. A fire killed a man Friday night.

The day after, there is no information about who died in the fire. Police and prosecutors only informed him that he was a man.

The cause of the fire is still unclear. The station concerned is closed and fire experts are looking for traces there today. The state prosecutor's office, Konstanz, requested a report, the criminal police set up an investigative team.

A look at level G of the western wing - there it would have to shoot a fire (Photo: SWR, Esther Leuffen)

A look at level G of the western wing – there would have been a fire

Esther Leuffen

The clinics returned to normal in the morning. The Emergency Room, which was temporarily closed in the evening, could be restored at night.

The fire erupted on Friday at 19.30 in a hospital on the fifth floor of the old building. At that time, the room was in full swing. In the heat of the flames that broke the windows, the smoke broke into the outermost rooms.

Fire doors block the way for patients

As the fire door closed independently, the path to the staircase was blocked for several patients. The firefighters were partly solved by air ladders. Five people who were allegedly poisoned with the smoke of gas came to the hospital.

Patients from adjacent rooms had to be protected. (Photo: SWR)

Patients from adjacent rooms had to be protected.

Firefighters and emergency services were on site until night with about 130 rescue teams. Swiss forces were also required. After the fire department, the falling parts of the burning triggered the crown of the lower canteen of the hospital.


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