Yellow jackets: 68 events in the channel this morning instead of 24, announced by the prefecture


Update: Point in the channel this Saturday, November 17, at noon

At noon, the prefecture of Manche set 55 lockpoints and 3500 demonstrators in the department. She also regretted two minor injuries, one in Valognes during a fight, another in Cherbourg (a pedestrian overturned by a driver). At 2 pm, the country's representative evacuated 68 action points and 5500 demonstrators in the department.

The A84 had to be closed in the direction of Rennes-Caen at the level of the exteriors 38 direction Percy. The location 39 is the closed route of Tessy sur Vire and Pont-Farcy.

There are no points in the Avranches, but several dams located at the strategic points of the city.

Yellow jackets in Avranch: aerial image of mobilization

The "Basse-Normandie" is the only department on which the prefecture has announced the number of blocking sites planned as part of the November 17 mobilization. 24 pages, targeted by yellow waistcoats, were defined by the country's representative on the channel. By 8 o'clock, almost half of these sites were already blocked, eleven more precisely. Two hours later, mobilization is much larger, with about 10 hours of 55 blocking points and 3,500 demonstrators.

In Cherbourg, the main roads are blocked. In the late morning, the Zephir transit system announced that its services could not be provided.

Position in the channel this Saturday, November 17 at 14 o'clock after the prefecture


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