Friday , February 26 2021

Vianney reveals for NRJ Music Awards

MUSIC – It's not such a beautiful picture of the NRJ Music Awards, written by singer and songwriter Vianney on RTL on Sunday, November 18th. And for good reason, in his opinion, a large crowd of popular music, organized every year on TF1, is a presentation in which artists do not really play.

"My first TV, which I could claim today, is very complex because I can not afford it," said the singer, and assured him that "nothing was played on the stage of the AMA, everything is wrong." If it says that the singers "really singing ", the person concerned regrets that this is done in the band" band ".

And continue: "We all presented the play-orchestra, but it's a shame because the music can never be magical with the orchestra." According to Vianney, there is nothing in this show that would allow artists to fully express themselves live. "So it's better to be in the orchestra, because if you play really – because they are not fitted – it will rot."

Other disadvantages that usually interfere with the singer: the behavior of some artists who "stand" in boxes for a better hour of transition. "Some are fight for this, but seriously, "reveals the artist, the considerations that Vianney does not care so much about, explaining that they came to these programs to" enjoy the moment "and not to take the head with comments on the stories (video below) .

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