Trump the Americans: vote for a Republican or the United States will be broke


Pensacola, USA – President Donald Trump warned Americans that on Tuesday the democratic victory over the mid-term parliamentary elections would be overwhelmed by the rise of socialism in the United States and the criminals' hordes from the United States. Central America, the ultimate campaign argument to rescue the Republican majority.

"Socialism is forced into Florida. Welcome to Venezuela"Donald Trump launched Saturday night in Pensacola, Florida, a rally supporting Republican nominees for Senate and Governor Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.

A presidential plane of the Air Force was parked on the airport's asphalt where the rally took place, as the Trump aircraft had been in the background of two years ago.

The billionaire Republican boasts every step of the way to excellent employment data and tax cuts, which was adopted in December 2017 before embarking on an apocalyptic description of his opponents' migration policy.

Democrats, he said I would like to "clear boundaries"and pass it"the enthusiasm before the American citizens".

"The Immigration Program for Democrats is the Inclusion of Drug Trafficking, Smuggling of People and Criminal Cartels"In Montana.

He talked about seventy men of Middle East migrant Turkish caravans in Turkey who are currently crossing the United States and who have sent thousands of soldiers to the Mexican border. According to him, 300 of them "very badHe said he had been informed about migrants from Mexico.

"Barbed wire can be pretty if they are well placed"said the 45th US President.

– Obama asked very much –

The first national election meeting since the 2016 election has determined who will govern both houses in the next presidential election on November 3rd.

The Republican does not maintain his credibility in this vote and jokes about the next slogan ("Maintain the magnitude of America") and to ensure that its debates against the future democratic candidate are"very simple".

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama's predecessor, who retrieves his savior's costume after having been in a relative political reserve for 22 months.

Eight years ago, Barack Obama was prepared for the Republican tide in his first mid-term election: it wasrevolution"about the conservative movement of the Tea Party.

This year, the retired supporter is the most sought after figure of the Democratic Party, in the absence of a natural leader.

"For a simple reason I came here: please vote"Barack Obama said on Friday night in Atlanta, Georgia to support a woman who could be the first elected black governor of the southern state Stacey Abrams on Tuesday.

"The consequences of patience are deep because America is in intersection"He told.The values ​​of our country are at stake".

Barack Obama meets again on Sunday, as did Donald Trump.

– Advance vote –

Republicans actively support Donald Trump, who is still the party's most popular and popular personality, and assumes that the people of the elections are the people's referendums.

As a result of the 2016 surprise, the US media is more cautious and avoids a definitive projection of public opinion polls, which are an advantage to Democrats for the House of Congress.

The 435 seats extended in the House of Representatives for two years are focused on the sixty constituencies, the others being quite firmly anchored in one party or another.

As for the Senate, 35 out of 100 seats are for six years. Chances in the calendar, these states are largely in the conservative regions, which makes it difficult for democratic reunification.

The elections seem to have an unprecedented mobilization this year for a nomination that generally only results in 40-45%, compared to more than 60% of presidential elections.

More than 32 million voters have voted personally or personally, according to Michael McDonald, professor at the University of Florida. This is 20% more than all the votes expected in the 2014 mid-term elections.


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