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To improve your recognition algorithm, Google buys your face for five small dollars


Google goes to the court. To train their new face recognition algorithm, teams working for the search giant ask passers-by to scan their faces in exchange for a $ 5 coupon.

A few days after the FaceApp polemic, another player talks about him about the sensitive subject of face recognition: Google. Something surrealistic adventure really happened to a journalist's friend ZDNet. Google bought his face for a $ 5 coupon.

As stated in the article, the people who presented themselves as "Working for Google" He came to ask him if he could scan his face »Improve face recognition algorithm for future phones». An engineer, and probably curious in nature (or in unconsciousness, it depends), he played the game and agreed to gesture it in front of the phone in a self-portrait mode and locked in a large hull. At the end of this fun exercise, both Google employees He told him the right to a picture and $ 5 gift card to be spent on Amazon or Starbucks – why not Google Play?

"Google Has Been All My Life"

The method may smile, as craft seems to be, and is in the stage with the huge needs of Google's data, but in the view of the guinea pig, several teams in the search for cooperative faces will cross towns to "educate" their algorithm. Let's hope that these teams will take care of finding objects of different origin and colors of the skin. It would be a sad thing for the company to be in the middle of a new controversy, for example, when Google Photos, by "algorithmic bias", marked black people as gorillas.

The method used obviously raises other questions. Randomly, what happens to the collected data? Unfortunately, it's impossible to know that the man who was arrested has explained that he has not read the entire contract submitted by Google, and that it nevertheless explains, "Google already has it (His) life on their servers ". From this perspective, it's hard to blame: Mountain View already deals with petabyte personal information, many of which can also be used to identify your face, who knows.

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