the recognition of Neymar Senior at Kylian Mbappé


Both friends are inseparable. Between Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, the co-existence does not exist only on a green rectangle. Very close and out of the field, both players offer real added value to the PSG when they are collected on the meadow. In an interview for the show Breaking Sport on RMC SportNeymar's father mentioned the example of the French world champion.

Clan Neymar has deep respect for the Paris miracle. "Neymar greatly appreciates Mbappé, he sees him as a player with a huge potential, he thinks he can become one of the biggest players, but it takes time." Kylian, like Neymar, needs time, they have great qualities, I think they have the ability to help the club in achieving the main goals. said Neymar Senior.


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