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“Thanks to the cameras and the courage of Michel” Aya Nakamura and many artists respond to the aggression of the producer

INDIGNATION – Since Thursday, French personalities have alternately expressed their emotions. While images of Michel Zecler’s violent arrest have flooded social media, it’s the artists ’turn.

Some voices resonate more than others. With nearly a million followers on Twitter, singer Aya Nakamura doesn’t have to write powerful lyrics to hear her message. On Friday, November 27, the world-famous star simply tweeted: “Thanks to the cameras and Michel’s courage.”

This sobering sentence is accompanied by images played by Loopsider video news – has spread on social networks. We see that the black man was beaten for five minutes by several police officers. French footballers such as Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé have often condemned these images, but the art world is waking up to express its disgust.

In the rap world, singer Dadju, one of France’s biggest record sellers and Gims ’brother, posted a story on Instagram with a photo of the producer’s bloodied face. Singer Benjamin Biolay played photos of the scene captured by the cameras in the same way. “unbearable, shocking, dishonest, insane.”

A sign that the music world seems to be largely outraged by this affair, Jean-Noël Tronc, director general of the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (Sacem), also tweeted: “Deeply shocked by these unbearable images “, before adding : “Michel Zecler, whose extraordinary dignity in his reaction is a lesson in democracy and courage. In addition to the individual facts, a fundamental question arises for the Republic and the diversity that is our strength.”

Not surprisingly, the 41-year-old beating of this man is causing so much noise in the music sphere. To understand, we need to go back to the path of this man who was one of the producers of the “Golden Age of the French Tail” tour in 2016. This event brought together stars from the 1990s such as Ménélik, Stomy Bugsy, Passi, Sages Poètes de la rue, Assassin, etc.

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But Michel Zecler can also count on the support of the film world. “This ultraviolet video is the reason we’re going to keep filming the police.”, actor Mathieu Kassovitz responded on Instagram. The one we owe the movie to La Haine (COM)1995) has always been distinguished by its commitment to police violence and racism. Once again, don’t miss the call to condemn the producer’s fights.

“We’ll see if they can put us in jail when we have evidence of their crimes,” continues Mathieu Kassovitz on a controversial bill called “global security”, an initiative strongly opposed by NGOs and journalists ’unions. This bill also takes into account the Film Directors’ Association (SRF) “dangerous and libertarian.”

Actress Alexandra Lamy also took to Twitter on Thursday. “Yesterday, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children, Emmanuel Macron asks victims not to hesitate and call the police, as he is not convinced that these images reassure them. Tell me, these men are not police officers, we agree. “, feels above the pictures showing Michel Zecler.

Guillaume Canet’s words are also strong: “It’s so embarrassing for (these) cops, but also for us, for our country!” laments.

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