Test match – Arthur Iturria still brilliant – Test match 2018 – Rugby


He pipes with one hand to deviate on the Baptist Serin. With Clermont Arthur Iturria, Clermont Arthur Iturria was exceptionally easy in the first French test, which Teddy Thomas achieved for the first time thanks to Blues's advantage of forty meters of Argentina. The opportunity to highlight all the work done by the third wing of the French team, which is still discovering this season. Arthur Iturria was highly sought after in every battle.

He was present in the defense sector and was particularly valuable in preventing Pumas from progressing to the Maulas and taking advantage of his second line-up for playing the shoulders in the darkest stages of the fight. An activity that has not restricted him to cover all the basics of the third line covering most land, and can slow down the release of the Argentine bullets in order to lay hands on precious ammunition.

Above all, he never made a mistake and, within four minutes of finishing, he could fly with a ball and prove that he was in exceptional physical form. "We knew the technical characteristics of the boy, as well as his physical form, Jacques Brunel explained in a week. During the testing we saw that it was in exceptional shape. We have also been in constant contact with our club. "

Very good on the foundations, in dark defensive tasks (eight confrontations, no delays and no mistakes that tormented him), he can carry the ball, cross the curtain of the opponent, as well as with smart playing, while at the end of the match he was in the position of the wing . The promise was good despite the defeat against South Africa, and Clermont immediately confirmed that he could become a key element of XV of France while celebrating his fifth election in Lille. Only his second at this position is the third line.


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