Tariq Ramadan relaxed and then?


No one would put a boot at the beginning of this week about the possible release of Tarik Ramadan, charged with rape and closed from February 2, 2018. But this is done on Friday afternoon. Her family itself was contemplating new actions against repetitive refusals of justice. Thursday's hearing, the appeal to the Court of Appeal in Paris after the fourth rejection of the request for release on 8 November, seemed almost a formality. It was not like that … but a real twist!

The Court of Appeals in Paris decided on Thursday that it was for the public he could consult what he did "It was not clear that pre-trial detention would still be the only way to prevent pressure on witnesses and civilian parties, or to ensure that it is available to the courts."You also come out with the danger of flying overseas, which is progressing regularly for ten months and refusing to release theologian. "I do not have to flee, I am completely innocent of what I am accused of […] I will remain in France and defend my honor and my innocence, Tariq Ramadan, who spoke more than twenty minutes, said on Thursday at the hearing to complain about his case. Very exceptional, it was public. His daughter Maryam and a dozen of his supporters were present.

Complains abuse

His release from detention is accompanied by a security deposit of 300,000 euros, his Swiss passport, a ban on leaving the territory and contact with some witnesses and complainants. Tariq Ramadan also has an obligation to show up at the police station once a week and reside in the Paris region. The conditions, relative to the sources that are close to the record, are relatively serious.

For complainants who are very abused in social networks, the decision of the judiciary creates real discomfort and great concern. They both expressed fear of echoing. "I did not sleep all night and I'm afraid we will be physically attacked" entrusted liberation, Friday, "Christelle" (first name), the second woman to file a complaint against Tariq Ramadan in October 2017.

There is also one unknown about the Swiss procedure. In early September, a theologian was charged with rape, the facts that took place in October 2008. Currently, according to sources close to the case, the prosecutor has not yet heard him, he should have traveled to France to hear. "This means a very well facilitated cooperation between France and Switzerland", accentuate lawyers. The Ramadan defense leads to a genuine judicial guerrilla war in Geneva in order to prevent the alleged victim from speaking. His lawyers called for the silence of civilian parties who have no right to speak publicly about this case. Following two rejections of this claim, a federal complaint was recently introduced.

Reputation is destroyed

For Tarik Ramadan, release from prison in custody will also be a moment of truth. So far imprisoned in the Fresnes prison (Val-de-Marne) because of multiple sclerosis, theologian probably did not fully take into account the drop in hearing in Muslim circles and discredit, now attributed to his person. Since its spring, its historical networks in France and the near circle of the Muslim fraternity have gradually been released, shocked by the revelations about her double life and her violent sexual practices, very little in line with (and even prohibited) strict Islamic morale. Recognizing the end of October of sexual relations with two complainants, who had strongly denounced him for over a year, according to the former relatives of the theologian, stopped the reputation.

Much shaken, the circle of fans in Ramadan is mostly active on social networks, which often lead a violent and offensive battle against the plaintiffs. Despite this isolation, according to the Muslim leaders, theologian expects to try to return to the Islamic scene. Get in touch with him liberation, The Ramadan family did not give any indication of his immediate plans, or whether he will soon speak in the media. "We do not have enough information to answer you" she said.

"Political prisoner"

For theologian, it is necessary, above all, to renew the ties with Qatar, which has so far financed its activities so generously and has also returned in recent months. The Emirate is the patron of his president at the University of Oxford, which he postponed last year after the first two complaints against him. However, his salary was maintained until the judges were convicted. Prior to the start of the case, Ramadan worked in Qatar in a research center on Islamic ethics at the University of Doha.

The theologian is less discredited abroad in France. Here you can continue your activities in the future. At the end of October, his daughter, Maryam, who had been defended, went to Senegal where she met Serigne Mountakha MBacké, the leader of the powerful Brotherhood of Mourida. In the end, she repeated to reporters that Tariq Ramadan was a political prisoner in France.

Bernadette Sauvaget


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