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Stains in the sun? Perhaps because of the "summer mushroom"



On the tanned skin, the mushroom creates white spots and in clear skin rosy spots

HEALTH – If every summer you notice small stains on the top of the body (hand-hull-return), this may be a sign that you have Pityriasis versicolor, also called "mushroom summer." Although the name may scare more than one, this benign mycosus is due to yeast (single-celled fungus), which is located in the surface layers of the skin.

"Mushroom of Summer" is not an infectious disease, but an infection, "It's very easy to shrink on all the beaches of the world," explains Catherine Oliveres-Ghouti, a dermatologist interviewed by HuffPost, in La Baule or Bangkok, "laughs.

This sponge, which is much more active in the summer than in winter, is spread by the perspiration and acidic pH of our body, "mushroom and acid gastric environment", is revealed by doctor Oliveres-Ghouti, also a member of the trade union commission. dermatologists.

Dr. Catherine Oliveres-Ghouti

Example Pityriasis versicolor on light skin

To combat this, local antimycotics (medicines that can treat mycosis …), often presented in the form of a sparkling gel, must be used on the whole body.

Selenium sulphide, antifungal and antisubmarine may also be used. "I recommend to my patients to buy the Ketoderm Pharmacy" (antifungal), advises a dermatologist. For people with white skin, the stains disappear very quickly, for those with darker skin, they will wait to rinse again.

Repeated Pityriasis versicolor

In general, the frequency of recurrence in the same patient is frequent, up to 90% within 2 years after the first infection. About 10%, in the long run, says, "Some people do this for 10-15 years, and as soon as the good weather arrives, the tasks reappear," says a dermatologist.

"In these cases, longer treatment is expected". Some doctors prescribe maintenance treatment with one or two roles per week for several months, while others prefer preventive treatment, which involves taking local treatment before or at the beginning of the summer season.

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