Selection: Finnish winners, Italy and Verratti start the Euro 2020 race. T


In order to avoid losing qualifications for the second international competition in a row, Italy beat Finland (2-0, goals Barella and Kean) for the first qualifying match at Euro 2020. Marco Verratti played 85 minutes before being replaced by a promising Nicolò Zaniolo.

Italy in continuity

While promises that were promised in autumn were not enough to rank in the last four league leagues of the following June, they were a serious basis for the work that national coach Roberto Mancini did not hesitate. to build at the start of qualifications for the Euro 2020. Still organized on paper in 4-3-3, Azzurri were back in the recovery stage to three ups, supported by the duo Jorginho-Verratti, but some shades compared to the autumn. During the previous siege, the right-hand side (Florenzi) shifted to the height of its central defenders, while his alter ego of the left-hand band (Biraghi) rose to the same height as the right-hand bat (Chiesa), leaving Insigne and Barella. between the lines that support the center forward. This time the principle of asymmetry was preserved, but it was simply reversed: the left back shifted when the right-back rose and the left wing expanded as the right wing recognized. Only a half of the time: Kean's change of position, which has now moved to the right, coincided with the return of a new new offensive mechanism.

Italy's offensive animation in the first half of the year:

Italy's offensive animation in the second half:

They wore their own strengths and boundaries

In addition to systemic issues, Squadra Azzurra has shown the same features and limits of fall, which is not surprising, as they are closely related to the characteristics of the players. The middle Jorginho-Verratti (200 passes between them), backed by a safe raise with three players, and with balanced solutions between the rows (two players), on the sides (two players) and in the depth (player)), Azzurri provides a clear dominance possession and certain ease of access to the last third of the floor. Then the men from Mancini reached their limit, namely the lack of dribbling, the speed and goal that always remain in the game, the opponent even prevails. The opening of Barell's points comes with a certain kick, and Giorgio Chiellini is still the best goalkeeper in the national team.

To summarize, even the unpleasant freshness of Moise Kean suddenly does not replace Ciro Immobile's distress at once, as in any choice. Also in the autumn, the physical limitations of his tying field (neither Jorginho, nor Verratti nor Barella do not differ precisely because of his ability to race, let alone his goal) Italia condemn that it always remains compact for survival: At the time of the game, more stretched lines could lead until the equalization of counterattack in Finland, until the speed of Moise Kean was different to 2-0 in this match. more open.

Verratti cleans the juice

At the heart of this style of play, which gives pride to its qualities, Marco Verratti has performed a very classic performance. It is so hard to remember one lost ball and the Paris metronome in the armchair next to Jorgyn, who had the opportunity to orchestrate the possession of his team, escaped from the pressure of the opponent, and he had several errors. balloons are kept in density and regularly kept between Bernardeschi and Barella.

In the midst of multiple decision-making (a nice opening in defense poorly controlled by Immobile, or this eccentric strike at 25m – ending in contact – after numerous dribbling), it is paradoxical that the balloon scratched its surface, which led to 2-0 transalpine. Since the game Verratti is never completely successful, if it's not right, the Parisian community inherited a traditional yellow card.


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