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Rugy says he is "whitened" and attacks "Mediapart"


François de Rugy during a solemn surrender, on July 17, 2019 in Paris.
François de Rugy during a solemn surrender, on July 17, 2019 in Paris. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

"Tonight I will appear before you as a white man." In a few minutes, François de Rugy talked about television news about France 2, on Tuesday, July 23, as a politician, free from suspicion after publishing two reports of work in the apartment and lavish dinners. . The former minister for ecological transition, by the way, took advantage of the information city Mediapart, at the beginning of a series of revelations that led to his resignation on July 16th.

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Dinner from lobster and grand crua at the expense of the National Assembly, the expensive renovation of his office apartment, the renting of social housing, the use of his allowance to pay for part of his client's contribution … For François Rugy, who lodged a complaint against the investigative diary last week, defamation. "I never doubted that I could prove my honesty"he said 20-hour paper.

Mr De Rugy has accused, by the way, of journalism "Demolition", which "It's not a theme, it's a human being". "There should never have been an Rugy affair." Today there is an example of "Médiapart" », he warned.

Friendly dinners

While the former minister warned that he was preparing "Counteracting counterbalance with your lawyer", two separate investigations – assemblies and governments – that were published on Tuesday, considered that there was no "No irregularities" of expenditure, although the degree of some benefits has been assessed "Obviously exaggerated". The investigation by the General Secretariat of the Government into its former employment service generally confirmed the costs incurred by the former minister.

That secretary-general of the National Assembly, about a dozen of lavish dinners at the Hotel de Lassay, when François de Rugy was president of the institution, did not rise "No irregularities", however, family or friendly dinners by Mr. de Rugy committed to return. "Everything was done in the rules and practices of the assembly, all these dinners were during my duties", he still assured Mr. de Rugy on the plateau of France 2.

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Following the publication of these reports, Mediapart insisted on Tuesday night, in particular by publishing the testimonies of the guests of Mr de Rugy "Confirm the friendly nature of dinners", It's not about professional clients. The website also canceled "Investigation" The National Assembly, as well as some politicians who have questioned the impartiality of internal investigations.

Question BFM-TVEdwy Plenel, President Mediapart, welcomed this information from your diary – confirmed, says, "To the nearest cent" these investigations – "She challenged the Prime Minister's circular today, about the exemplary nature of the members of the government".

"Cash advance"

Regarding its cost of representing refunds (IRFM), which he would use to pay his contributions to his client at that time, Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), François de Rugy assured that it would be simple "Cash advance". From 2014 and 2015, the personal account refunded the amount of these contributions.

according to which Tied duck On Wednesday, July 24, the former minister went to Nantes Credit Cooperative to get extracts of his bank account for IRFM. According to the weekly, these documents show that de de Rugy actually paid two payments related to EELV in 2013 and 2014 from this IRFM account in the total amount of EUR 9,200. These payments have been deducted from the calculation of his income tax for 2015 in accordance with his tax notice, which he consulted Mediapart, who stated that he did not pay taxes this year.

according to which Tied duckhis personal account was followed by two reimbursements: EUR 6,500 on August 20, 2014, then EUR 3200 on July 23, 2015, or EUR 9,700. "If I had direct access to bank statements – which was impossible – I would not resign"Mr de Rugy assured Duck bound. "So it's just a cash advance, she referred to the former Minister for France 2. Progress without consequences, from a legal point of view, neither from a moral point of view nor from a tax perspective. "

He also emphasized that he did not regret his departure, he said "Common interest", "Meaning of the State", before his personal interest.

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